Its a song | Reviewer: Eric | 8/8/14

Im Mexican and I really laugh with the song... Im not offended... people are hysterical... what is black is black.. what is illegal is illegal... what is queer is querr... son dont fuck off...

Lighten up, people! | Reviewer: Lee | 7/2/14

The song is funny. It was funny when I first heard it in the 80's and it's still funny now. It was reasonably popular back in 1984, but now it is considered some kind of heresy. The song hasn't changed, people have just become so thin skinned that they are offended by everything.

What's not funny is that right now the country is being overrun by illegal aliens and no one is doing a thing about it.

Hmm... | Reviewer: FabianaD | 12/22/13

I personally think that this song is sort of funny and they're like trying to simulate their real situation in a happier way. People should take things a lil bit easier. It's just incredible how people get offended that quickly! Now you can't even say the word "black" because we fear crazy offended people... I'm an immigrant. I'm Italian. I know this song talks about Mexicans but staying in this country has been a pain for me as well and this song doesn't offend me at all.

Great and obviously misundertstood song | Reviewer: Mark | 9/17/13

People are angry because they think it makes fun of people, and the key word is "illegal" besides the fact its the truth and also besides the fact is cast light on the plight of these people.

Do people honestly think it s good idea to let the world people roa over boarders and go where they please and have the same rights as the people living in the countries they're entering? watch whats about to happen in Europe very soon

At least they are talking about a real issue | Reviewer: Jorge Wilson | 4/24/13

The way we treat foreigner without their paper only
Help to create hate against the United States and that
Create terrorist hate and dissatisfaction create
Terrorist we have to try our cousins from abroad a little
Bit nicer our music is heard everywhere after the cinema is
Our most important artistic import we have to try to be nicer
With other so other could be nicer to us and that song talks

JUST HORRIBLE | Reviewer: CharlieEG1984 | 12/29/12

There are so many terrible things about this that I don't even know where to begin. This is, without a doubt, Genesis's weakest moment. Kudos to all the radio programmers around the world who have excluded this "song" from their playlists. Shame to Genesis for trying to make fun of such a serious and polarizing issue but it is easy to see they failed on their attempt.

funny it is very objective and suggestive | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/1/11

if America was being flooded by Germans that were sneaking in the country then the majority of existing Americans would eventually get concerned about how sloppy that is. America can be contaminated by the etiquette that people are trying to escape from like the dusty tangled messes all over Tijuano (or however they spell that town) it would take 50 years to help grow it into a city thay any middle class American would want to move to.

Wow! | Reviewer: Kim | 2/8/10

Wow! there is so many other inspirational things to write and sing about in this world and this is the best that Genesis could do?

Not only was the whole song horrible including the lyrics and fake accent.Seems like time and money wasted was spent on this one. I like Genesis but this one was really bad..sorry