nice to meet you anyway | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/23/09

This song to me is about a situation most people on the road face. It's about being away from the one that you love and you stumble upon someone that is really someone you could see yourself being with, but you remember that you are in a relationship and have to walk away from this person. You don't want to get to close them cuz the fear of really falling for them. You tell them how you feel, how great you think they are...but tell them you don't have time. You start thinking about your true love back home and apologize to this person for seeming unsure of what you want. You tell them how your life just took a change because you have just found someone special. Before things go to far you tell them how amazing they are, how attracted you are to them, and how you are also very distracted. You walk away before you change you're mind, and hopes that this person understands what you mean.
I think a lot of bands/singers deal with this on the road. They probably get lonely a lot and stumble upon someone they think is really great. They probably end up flirting around them, but stop at the thought of the one they have back home. I think Gavin was in this sitch, and had a hard time walking away from this person.