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Performed by Gavin DeGraw

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next to me. | Reviewer: shelbystaygold | 6/28/09

Next To Me

This song is about trying to get someone that doesn’t want to give you a chance. You feel they want you, but they play it off. They don’t notice how much you want them. When you call, they are a stone…meaning they aren’t saying much and seem totally uninterested. You tell yourself if they are like again you won’t be using their number again. You think you have given yourself false hope, so you have a drink to calm you down & help you think. It doesn’t help, you get anxious and start shaking.

You want this person to wait a minute, cause you are not theirs yet. You just want a chance to be with them, but they won’t even get next to you. You want them to tell you what they won’t. You think they will eventually give in somehow. You got the things they need, but they still won’t get next to you.

You explain once you get them in your arms you don’t want them to pull away like they have been doing. You want them to stop acting like they don’t want you – you know they don’t want anyone else. You have so much potential, but they just run off. Your heart is in your hands you are offering it to them. You just want them to let you in. you are growing impatient.

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