the best song ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/23/07

i really love this song.. i heard it first on the tv show one tree hill. i love gavin`s songs they make me feel livley... and before i leave i just wanna say that <<ONE TREE HILL IS THE BEST>> MWA JAMES LAFFERTY YOU`RE MY ONE AND ONLY MWAAA XxxxxX

luv it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/17/07

i heard this song on one tree which is the best tv series everrrr.... i really love the lyrics. i luv one tree hill...MWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. LOVE YOU JAMES LAFFERTY>> HOPE I MEET U ONE DAY:)

SWEET | Reviewer: Brooke | 5/21/07

thee first time i heard this song i didnt care for it, but then i heard it and fell in love with the chorus...its just amazing:)

one tree hill | Reviewer: ian | 5/19/07

first time i heard this music from my favorite tv show one tree hill and so o ilove the lyrics of music i hope one day soon i will see to personal my favorite cast of one tree hill like chad michael,bethany joy,james lafferty,and hilarie burton

Koo song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/07

dis song is so tight. Gavin DeGraw has sum pretty good songs if u ask me. KEEP ON ROCKIN' DOO.


About the song I don't wanna be | Reviewer: kostas | 5/17/07

It is so cool.I like it very much.The series at tv is good but the song is perfect!!!!I listen it every day!!

Musical-textual-philosophical-sociological analysis | Reviewer: Matthew | 5/7/07

This song, with its catchy chorus and driving rhythm surely promises wide popular acclaim. It is perhaps not the most original tune (drawing from STP in its verse) although DeGraw's refreshing vocals on the chorus more than make up for the monotonous guitar riffs and the droning melody of the verse. Textually, the song gives a much needed emphasis on individual authenticity while creating its own sense of social conformity that stands in contradiction to its campaign against such conformity. The idea of isolated actualization is a good goal, but unfortunately not very realistic in our interconnected global world. Instead, responsible interaction with culture necessitates that we consider both ourselves and the Other when we make our own self pronouncements. How many of the US's problems with the Muslim east would be solved if we were a bit more careful in "Who we want to be"? All in all, this is a good tune, but I encourage all of the listeners to be careful when taken over by the emotional draw of the music. I hope that we may also be able to think deeply about the world-view and philosophical statement the song purports and ask ourselves if this is what we really want to, or do not want to be.

THE BEST SONG EVER!!!!! LMFAO | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/07

ok guys...
listen up
this is the best song made me cry the first time i ever heard it
and one tree hill made me cry as well
chat me up on msn:
come to me, u sxc_lil_bois!!!!

I love Gavin | Reviewer: Caroline | 4/22/07

Well, I'm a 17 year-old girl from Sweden and I just love Davin Degraw, my favorite song is Chariot but I don't wanna be is great too. And it's perfect for One tree hill ;)

Loveees Itt | Reviewer: Kayla | 2/18/07

OMFG;; I lovee this song to pieces;; it reminds me off ONE TREE HILL;; BEST SHOWW EVERR

WOW | Reviewer: Haylie | 2/1/07

i found out about this song frm one of my best mates. you see i was feeling a bit down about skool n stuff and i always feel like i have to be someone that im not to fit in. so my friend sent this to me, i listened to it, found the lyrics moving and it insired me to be me! totally awsome song i think!

amazing | Reviewer: ana | 5/24/06

very cool song...have looked for it for ages! its brilliant! the tv series is good too but this song just makes my day everytime I hear it!
im gonna tell all my friends about it! Im sure it'll make a very interesting wedding song one day...if that didnt happen allready!
love u gavin!

My best song ever P.S.-he's really hot too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Paris Hilton | 5/18/06

i heard dis song on ONE TREE HILL n i was dieing 2 kn who sang it but d moment i knew my heart melted.

BEST SONG EVER! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/28/06

Absolutely brilliant! this is my all time favourite song!

gavin=amazzzzzzing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/19/06

how hott are gavin and his freaking music. The answer is FREAKING HOTTTT!!!!!!!

SEx?? Yes please