Wild But Not Stupid | Reviewer: Karina Garcia | 4/11/08

I Love the song so fucking much. It is kind of sad but it kind of explains my fucking life. Chad is so damn hot I just want to give him a kiss. James is so awesome too, I wish I could meet them one day.

excellent | Reviewer: ty | 1/12/08

didnt really like rock until i heard i dont wanna be inone tree hill.really speaks to me cos right now i am facing a difficult time, you know?thankGod for gavin.and chad is married to sophia bush so pls dont love him.

stupid girl | Reviewer: MA | 11/24/07

i love so much that song, but i think that "andrej" is really stupid! do you really think that Gavin Degraw will give you his e-mail and those of chad micheal murray, james laferty and other three girls!!? no really you're SO stupid!!!

(sorry if it have some mistakes in the texte; i'm francophone...)

Tis song is Bomb!!! | Reviewer: samantha | 11/15/07

I love this song so fucking much!!! its amazing and yet disappointing but not really..its hard to explain, all in all its awesome!

omG! | Reviewer: alyssa | 11/2/07

i love one tree hill.
this song is perfect for how i feel right now.
so much shit has happened recently.
this song just cheers me up.
i love chad micheal murrey xxxxxx

I love this | Reviewer: Rae-ann | 10/1/07

I love this song so much lucias you will be mind one day i love you so much i have so much picz of you love you lots

caroline | Reviewer: im from sweden! | 10/1/07

this song is amazing. i heard this song on one tree hill, which is the best tv series ever! and BRYAN GREENBERG, is the hottest guy i have ever seen in my entire life i swear!

Awesome | Reviewer: Grace | 9/29/07

I have always liked this song and One Tree hill is the only tv show i really like and James Lafferty is hot!!!

About the song I Don't Wanna Be performed by Gavin DeGraw | Reviewer: jordan | 9/28/07

i heard this music from my favorite tv series one three hill...ilove it..i like lyrics so i downloaded it and play it over and over... GAVIN DeGraw more power to you...you ROCK \m/

I love this song! | Reviewer: Kinsey | 9/13/07

This song is awesome.
I'll admit it.
I started listening to it because of One Tree Hill.
I STILL love the song,
and the show. ROCK ON GAVIN!

one tree hill | Reviewer: kooldave98 | 8/8/07

when i started watching one tree hill in school, it was so interesting that i just fell in love with the opening song and saw how perfect it was for the series,the one and only (one tree hill)

08 05 2007 | Reviewer: andrej | 8/6/07

hy gavin i love your song i listening all day
do you have e mail my mail is rena_strbac@yahoo.com
i want chat with you
and if you have emails of chad michael murray
james laferty and other tree girls
by please call me

i don't wanna be | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/07

the song is great,especially the chorus,which is really catchy,and chad michael murray is super hot !
greetings from romania :P

I love I Don't wanna Be.... it's perfect for my fav series one tree hill.... | Reviewer: irish | 7/18/07

I reall enjoy listening to your music.... I love one tree hill to the extend everything that anything that involves it. I love your song.... hope to see you perform live... God Bless

rochelle | Reviewer: rochelle | 7/12/07

this is my favorite song just because it has so much energy and it means something, and i think chad michael murray is the hottest guy i have ever seen in my entire life!!!