f*****g brillient | Reviewer: Laura B | 7/28/05

this song is absolutley one of my fave songs ever, it is so insperational.

it reminds me that you need to think about yourself and not about people around you.
this is te best song to listen to for anyone!

if you wana chat, add me MCFLYGIRL_908@hotmail.com or ffwgabi4ev@hotmail.com OR lukey_M_C@hotmail.com (sorry i just have quite a few addresses!)lol :) ADD ME!!!!!!!!!!

WOW | Reviewer: Rachael | 7/21/05

One Tree Hill is my fave TV show and what a great theme to match. The moment I heard this song I fell in love with it, I am just about 2 buy the album and this song is the ringtone on my mobile. He is an outstanding talent and i'm sure will make it big in the future. Well I'll b behind him all the way! It is just amazing. He has such a great voice and the song is rocky and ballady (if thats a word!??!) at the same time. LOVE IT!!

I love this song so much!! | Reviewer: angela | 6/18/05

I love I dont wanna be so much!! my best friend and i call each other and blar it. i think gavin is really talented!

Thanks, Bo Bice | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/05

Heard it first on American Idol. Then I HAD to hear the original. Great song.

Gavin is great! | Reviewer: Kim | 1/17/05

I love Gavin DeGraws music and he is soooo talented! His music speaks to you and that is important. His lyrics are fantastic and catchy and I love all his songs!

Hmmm... | Reviewer: Ernie | 1/14/05

I was riding along in the car and this song came on and I was impressed.I am very big on music, I have a interest in it, while having ways of soon entering the Music Industry myself. Anyways, I heard his voice and immediatly said I must find out who that is. Well I found out and I found out about the CD today, which I'm going out to purchase tonight. The song, not only its meaning but his voice match perfectedly. The song has a upbeat tune, and catches everybody off gaurd. He has a VERY powerful voice, and appearance. Not the usually spectacular model looking artist, he is rather good looking, but not to moddel proportions. I think if he continues being down to Earth with his music, voice and appearance, he will go very high and very big. Hopefully, I'll ge to work with Mr. DeGraw someday...:-)

this is my all time favorite song | Reviewer: Gina | 1/11/05

i love gavin, all his stuff is amazing and this song proves it......i really think that one tree hill, chose a really great song ofr their theme......just so that more people listen to him....his cd is one of my favorites and i think that he is very talented....i love this song....

cooleys! | Reviewer: stace | 1/10/05

man this is a great song! very inspirational as well :)

I dont wanna be | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/22/04

this song is really mad. I love how Gavin has a really good voice but its alot like a rock song aswell. its not boy band but not hard rock and thats why its so catchy and popular. I agree with some of the others though, the chorus and verses kinda dont work together but i think thats also what makes the chorus more meaningful and strong. anyway.. good song, good theme song choice for OTH too.

i dont wanna be | Reviewer: MItch | 12/15/04

i heard this song cos its the soundtrack for One Tree Hill. I got it, and its wicked. i love it and my mum likes it aswell. Wow!! It's really good and me and my sisters always listen to it!!

This song is awesome! | Reviewer: Jayne | 12/5/04

This song is very inspirational. It made me realize just how much being "you" really is important and being proud of it too. It made me realize a few things...I would definately recommend it to anymore wanting to hear a great song. I have never seen One Tree Hill so maybe I'll have to check it out...Gavin Degraw is a hottie with a naughty body! hahha;) L8ter! If you're hot too drop me a line: j_chick12_l@hotmail.com

catchy man | Reviewer: Daniel | 12/2/04

I enjoyed this song so much I had to go buy it. It sounds just like powderfinger which is great, if you liked it check out powderfinger

Love it | Reviewer: Wendy | 11/20/04

There's nothing like listening to a catchy lyric that actually sounds as good as it means. Keep going Gavin, I'm going to buy your other stuff.

Great song. Not such good verses though. | Reviewer: Pete | 11/10/04

This is a great song with great meaning. Unfortunately the music and vocal verses don't match up to the chorus, still a great song though!

awesome song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/5/04

i love this song so much, its so inspirational i love it to death!!!!!