Reviews for A Prayer For the Unborn Lyrics

------Performed by Gary Numan | 05/18/2005 12:00:00 PM

gobsmackingly direct, hurtful, yet pleasing in an embarrassing way

Saw tubeway army in 1978, last bastion acton, west london. Fan ever since certainly right up to telekon, after that the odd songs still hit home. I heard this track and its remixes whilst travelling on a virgin train from cumbria to reading ( 6 hours ) some years after its release. My dad had terminal cancer and as an ex royal marine was finding it very hard to allow people to care for him in what were his last days, i was summoned down to reading to help - i dont know if i misinterpret the lyrics, misunderstand them or as often happens with numans lyrics replace them with your own similar verse, but i cried and i still do when i hear this massive choon and its mixes. If any one has a list and or copies of all mixes available of this stunning track, i'll get round to writing my review of the last bastion gig - something ive been meaning to do since 1978. Ive also seen a live version on a cd format of hybrid which is just beautiful, love him or loathe him, this choon WILL make you sit up, take notice of your life, and cause you to break down, as i said not neccesarily in tears but certainly in awe. Numanoids keep in touch, chill out lovers and email me with info of alternative mixes thanx for listening

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