Gary Barlow is a LEDGEND! | Reviewer: Hope | 4/30/11

OMG, Gary Barlow is amazing! When I try to talk about him, I don't know where to start. Well actually, first of all, Forever Love, and Open Road are GENIOUS! Stronger is really catchy, and I also like every song on both of his solo albums! I have been a fan of Gary Barlow (and Take That) for just a few years now, as I was born about 9 months after they split up in 1996, but seriously, I'm in love with Gary Barlow: ok, so I'm way too young, but what nomal girl can't say that he is absolutely gorgeous?! Anyway, when I'm older, I wish to be a younger female version of him, and someday I hope to meet him, just... because! Gary Barlow, you rock, you're hot, and keep up the good work!

90sPopLuvaSunday2Saturday xxx

P.S. Gary, you will always be the best member of Take That for looks and vocals!

PROGRAMME PRICES | Reviewer: Steve Crawshaw | 6/30/09

Hi. I am an admirer of Take That and their music and made the effort vto attend their last Manchester Concert at Old Trafford Cricket Ground. Although my wife and me wre soaked to the skin we were disapointed that souvenir programmes were costing £20. We just could not afford that with the cost of everything else that day. We are over 65 years old by the way and would have thought the programmes could have been more accessible with a fairer price.

i was on ur video shoot years ago | Reviewer: emma | 10/5/07

hi gary my name is emma, i meet u years ago on one of ur videos at tottenham house in savernake forest wiltshire! i was the crazy one bumpin into u on the bumper cars! just wondered if u remembered me. i hope u do!

emma x

Gary Barlow. | Reviewer: Lynne Dey | 6/20/07

What a star! Too gorgeous for words. I've been a fan since June 1996 when Forever Love was released. Never gave up on him, still had a large framed picture of him over my piano on the day that it was announced that Take That were having a meeting to discuss coming back, and it seems like a dream that he is back to sing for us. Oh that voice!!!! I never gave up on that bloke...never! He's a superstar!