And He was ONLY 16 When He Wrote This Song ... | Reviewer: JCJohnson | 8/24/14

This is off of Gary Barlow's debut solo album (released after the breakup of his British 'Boy Band' "TAKE THAT"). But even though he didn't release this song till the late 1990s what many people do not know is that (from what I read) Gary WROTE this song when he was ONLY 16 years old ... which makes it even more impressive and moving!

I ... being someone who lives in USA ... only have the ONE album (named after this song) of Gary Barlow's. The album "Open Road" was the only one of his solo (or group) albums for that matter) that was released here in the US (I believe) ... but based on what is on this album ... he is an impressive talent ... I wish more of his work were hits here in the US.

Barlow has a new album out ... "Since I Saw You Last" for those who are interested in finding out more about his latest work, by the way (it is his first solo studio album in fourteen years).

Hugely under-rated | Reviewer: Dominique | 2/22/14

This song, like many Gary Barlow ones of the time between 1997-1999 has been hugely underrated. It's uplifting, profound and lays bare his feelings about the events unfolding around him at that time. I can barely sing along to it without tears. It's such a powerful statement of acceptance and self belief in the face of massive uncertainty and disillusionment. This man has enormous emotional strength and, so rare for a man, has an amazing ability to articulate deep and complex emotions. He communicates brilliantly through music. A truly gifted and prolific songwriter and musician of our time.

perfecto | Reviewer: Ausra | 8/28/06

I allways dreamed abt such a man!!!He is georgeus. I love him and his music!!!