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Performed by Gary Barlow

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Hugely under-rated | Reviewer: Dominique | 2/22/14

This song, like many Gary Barlow ones of the time between 1997-1999 has been hugely underrated. It's uplifting, profound and lays bare his feelings about the events unfolding around him at that time. I can barely sing along to it without tears. It's such a powerful statement of acceptance and self belief in the face of massive uncertainty and disillusionment. This man has enormous emotional strength and, so rare for a man, has an amazing ability to articulate deep and complex emotions. He communicates brilliantly through music. A truly gifted and prolific songwriter and musician of our time.

perfecto | Reviewer: Ausra | 8/28/06

I allways dreamed abt such a man!!!He is georgeus. I love him and his music!!!

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