Gary x 7 | Reviewer: Amy | 8/12/08

I have been to every concert Gary has put on within a 3 hour drive of Kansas City in the past couple of years...bought his CD's, new and old and I just want to say Thank You, Gary! I love attending his concerts, and hearing his music live because it just touches some part of me every single time I hear it. I have made some changes in my life based on the music he sings/plays. I love watching the guitar player and the other band members smile during their performance and know that they are putting on one hell of a show for their audience. One thing he seems to tell us with his music is that life IS terribly hard at times (I know it's life and that's how it works), but that it does get better. Keep on rocking Gary - we need you, hopefully as much as you need us! Cheers!

my insperation | Reviewer: ashley | 7/9/08

your songs are so insperational i'm not just your biggest fan i understand your music its inspiered me to become a country music star when i am older it has always been a dream of mine to become a country singer i love all of your music and i wish you the best i don't know if i will be able to come to your concert in evansville but i am still one of your greatist fans you are awesome

amazing | Reviewer: rusty | 4/5/08

there are not alot of artist that have songs that everyone can relate to. After hearing your songs and about your tragic loss, you are a true insperation to country hopefulls like myself.I can only hope that I have the same strength and passion that you do while I'm on my journey. thank you and I look forward to your next album.

Gary is AWESOME!!! | Reviewer: Val | 12/4/07

Gary is just a one of a kind artist. From his voice to his stage presence, he is truly sensational! My friend, Cyndi, and I can't get enough of him! His songs are just so true and heartbreaking and to be honest have gotten me through some pretty tough times. So keep up the good work Gary. We love ya!!!!!

amazing artist | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/7/07

I fell in love with Gary Allen's music a few years ago after seeing him on CMT. You can literally feel what he's feeling when he sings...truly a talent. I've only seen him once in concert and he's a million times more awesome in person. My heart and prayers are with you and your family Gary! Lots o' love from Texas.

Melts my heart | Reviewer: Katrina | 7/30/07

This man is an incredible singer and brings back memories of Gary Stewart. I love the raspy honky tonk sound. His slow songs make your heart hurt with feeling and emotion. Gary is a one of a kind. He is also beautiful to look at. Amazing is one word to sum him up.

one of your biggest fans | Reviewer: jennifer coats | 6/5/07

I would like to say that my heart gose out to you
and your family and that means Angie's also. I know it was hard and always will be. My bestfriend was shot by her husband in 1992 and 15 years later it still seems like yesturday. I
miss her alot. Gary,good luck and my prayers are with all of yall.Please come to Raliegh N.C soon

Love ya! | Reviewer: Beck | 5/28/07

I'd just like to say that I grew up listening to his music from my Daddy's old tapes adn CDs and I am ahppy to say I think it made me a better person. My heart goes out to him!

Extraordinary Person | Reviewer: Cindy | 3/10/07

What a great man. He has showed us through his high and lows. His music is what I turn on each and every morning to brighten my day. I would love to have the opportunity to meet him someday. Gary's new CD "Greatest Hits" is an example of what this man is capable of. This CD makes Gary really shine. I can't say enough about him or his music.

Memphis Show | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/1/06

Saw Gary open for Rascal Flatts in Memphis and was very, very impressed. Truly a hidden talent, hidden from the spotlight. I had heard one of his songs, but found him much more talented than expected. Amazing that he can go on after his tragic loss................

Truly from the HEART | Reviewer: Laurie | 8/13/06

Not only for this man but the music he sings, I acutally believe that he is truly singing from his heart. I qould love to meet this guy if I was given he chance. He had a hard life and with the passing of his wife, my heart goes out to him and his children. Love ya Gary