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Performed by Garth Brooks

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Touching words | Reviewer: Henry Nthani | 5/14/12

This song reminds me of my then galfrend Claudia Fiskani Ngoma. Got the phone in ha x2 phone she gave me to sell for her. It touches my soul, sooooooo much! The Lord moves me really just as she did. I miss ha in my life!

Happy for being with you | Reviewer: Miss.eight | 6/1/07

you really moved me like the song say.
My only dream in this life is to be able to make u happy and compensate u for all u lived before.

Awesomeness | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/19/05

I could have written that song. To a very special person, who completely turns my world upside down.

Darling, you know who you are. You also know who I am. I adore you.

- Yours.

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