The best | Reviewer: Johnathan Gambel | 12/5/13

In the country music world its really hard to sound unique. Garth has this unique voice. He never siezes to amaze his listeners. He's brought a whole new light to country music. He is by far one of the best out there.

Mr. Wonderful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/13

Garth and Trisha are so sweet they both autographed a guitar for my son ,who has cancer, which he received on his birthday. They both have such wonderful hearts. Not only are they great singers they are down to earth great people . They also autographed a guitar for a benefit raffle. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Garth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/30/07

there is one plain and simple fact about garth brooks, he is the highest selling solo artist in the country ever in any genre, and is second only to the beatles in overall sales. WOW!