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Performed by Garth Brooks

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belleau wood | Reviewer: tony holt | 3/18/14

the song might be historicaly wrong but that dont matter it's a wonderful song done with a lot of feeling and as an ex serviceman it brings home how wrong war is but we never learn.

True Truce? | Reviewer: John Anderson | 12/12/12

This is a fantastic song, based on true events though not at Belleau Wood. The truce near Ploegsteert in Belgium lasted 7 days. There is a small cross near the site today & I often take people there on my battlefield tours. Thank you for a lovely song that captures the feeling of the men. Well written Garth.

Beautiful song | Reviewer: Bill Wells | 12/8/12

Having served in combat as a Marine, i can say there is nothing beautiful about war. Nor is it ever the best answer. This song based on facts is fiction. But the emotion is shows is very real, it all can hold true in combat, bravery,fear,love and in eveyone who fight. and my personal favorite....i do belive our lives and how we make our choices can allow us to have heaven here on earth. thank you for a wonderful song that will be shared thru my family for many years to come.

Factually incorrect | Reviewer: Gabe O'Rielly | 12/22/11

The definitive somg about a Christmas break in the fighting has to be "Christmas in the Trenches" written by John McCutcheon about the 1914 temporary "truce". It was not an official truce, and in fact, the higher-ups among the officers were irate that it had happened. Steps were taken that there be no repetition in future years. Can't have peace break out in the midst of war, can we?

Belleau Wood was a battle in 1918, fought by the US Marines from June 1 - 26.

Beautiful Song But Slightly Off... | Reviewer: John Carlson | 12/17/10

Actually This Song as Beautiful as it is. Is Slightly Incorrect. Yes There Was a Truce in 1914 During WWI But Only in Certain Areas. And Yes it Did Last The 24th & 25th and it was Instated By The Ground Troops Not There Commanding Officers Who Were Actually Mad About The Whole Situation. But The Incorrect Part is That The Battle of Belleau Wood took Place in 1918. 4 Years Later and it Took Place in June. It Was Also Won By The U.S. Marines

It's a true story. | Reviewer: Jeffie | 8/20/07

The Christmas Truce of 1914. The last dying gasp of chivalry, as it lay torn and bloody and soaked in the freezing mud of the trenches of Belgium.

"This song is about how sometimes war is the best answer" my right damn eye.

War | Reviewer: Foxy | 5/23/07

Actually it shows that the Enemy is just a person fighting for their cause, just like you.

I love this song | Reviewer: Caitlin Harris | 11/18/05

I really love this song. I think it shows that war is usually not the best answer, but sometimes it is. I think it also shows that we need to over come our fears that we are dealing with in out lives. Either it is past or present or future. We just need to give them to God. Thanks Garth for a beautiful song.

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