i wonder | Reviewer: t6h1y1 | 11/16/10

I wonder if the ad people for the sony move listened to the song at all because the hook for the song is now featured in the new sony move ad campaign. I hope the boys made a crap load of $$ still a great song "this heaven give's me migrains"

That's the problem | Reviewer: Mr. Douchebag | 4/22/10

Everything we do - or not do- depends on our leisure time... wheneevr que feel we need to do something to distract our minds, we go for it.
Doesn't matter if it's sex, candy, a TV show, we just forget what's the real deal and we look for the next best thing just around the corner

Gang of Four is in it! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/25/08

i saw them last night perform live, and boy, did they sound good.

This song especially had both the sophistication of a lifetime of musical experience and the raw energy of a band that never sold out.

Sheer Brilliance!

A timeless classic. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/3/08

"Natural is not in it."
Go4's observation that nothing we do in modern society is entirely natural; it's all the product of some unseen manipulating force -- the TV, fashion magazines, what is spoken at the job or in the classroom or on campus. There's no escape from society -- there's absolutely no purity in the way we conduct our lives, according to this song.

This song still sounds fresh to my ears, and as relevant as ever. Great food for thought, and it makes such latter-day protest bands such as Rage Against the Machine sound like Sesame Street.

Natural's Not In It | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/6/07

this song is totally revelant today!!!!!!!!!!!! why doesn't it play anymore? it was also the intro song to marie antoinette, the best movie eva! it totally described that movie too!

Where is the Social Consciousness | Reviewer: Michael | 8/7/07

Great song about consumerism.
Where are such songs nowadays?
This was recorded back around the time of Thatcherism and Reganism.
We need songs like this now more than ever!

Natural's Not In It | Reviewer: Mark | 7/8/04

I think this song is cool and ought to have more reviews.
Brilliant song- rock/punk