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Performed by Gang of Four

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Review about Damaged Goods
------Performed by Gang of Four | 06/10/2006 11:00:00 AM

In short, Entertainment! is still a great album.

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First released as a single then on the LP "Entertainment!" :

The music on the first album shows clearly the influence of punk, yet also incorporates funk and less-obvious influences of reggae and dub - the aggression of punk and the more rhythmic jangles of funk guitar to their most absurd, bitter extremes.

In short, Entertainment! was a great album.

In the 21 years since it was first released, few bands have been able to boast such a near flawless first offering in terms of bite, spontaneity and bloody-minded courage. Gang Of Four's debut is, even by today's standards, an unparalled sensory assault. It still sneers. It still rages. God forbid, it still entertains.

"The guitar style of Andy Gill alone has been mimicked by fellow late-Seventies punk-funk terrorists The Pop Group, and you can hear distinct echoes of his singular style in the frantic string scraping of The Edge and Graham Coxon, As Flea from The Red Hot Chili Peppers commented in the liner notes to Entertainment!'s 1995 CD re-issue: It made me laugh to hear that guy from U2 talk about his guitar influences being old bluesmen. I thought, 'Hey, you dipshit, what about Andy Gill"


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