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------ performed by G-Unit

50cent #1 fan | Reviewer: javan terrence lupiano | 12/21/10

yo 50 as yo fan i jst give u sam advise pliz lisen to as u did in da muvi b4 i self destruct me am a kid am pure in from zambia man get yo self mo expensive shit n mmo beef not by rapin kill da nigas lyk u did in da muvi wit a gun man u a gangstar get yo self sam clods lyk da taxido then mek yo label beta than the taxido n sam gud whip lyk da ultimate aero thrust by buyin o negotiatin u have to sell thins lyk guns,cars,clods,skats man sing mo tracks. Get 25cent a rapper to so dat he shud tek over u wen u die get him his on record label n his on crew yung g-unit da boy gat skillz man

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