Rich Homie The Better One | Reviewer: Rich Homie #1 Fan | 1/25/14

Umm, So I hear future and Rich Homie Quan got a fured going on. Well dets DEAD. Rich Homie Quan is the better rapper betweeen you two. I mean be real ,you say you just being honest. Nigga do yuo wanna be a singer or rapper. Is Whitney Houston Or Young Jeezy yo idol ? Nigga GET RIGHT. yeen On Rich Homie Quan Level Yet. Have A Seat --> __/

#1 (FAN) | Reviewer: Mrs.Cashhhh | 3/28/13

My name is Jordyn and I'm your biggest fan I love you twooooo death when we did our assignment i always write about yo...!!!!
My favorite song is all above dats wasuphh doe i would like to meet you my auntie no's ur baby mama Mrs.Jessica and my auntie no's you so i would like to meet you and my frands be like y are you so obssed with (FUTURE) i be like cuz dats my favorite rapper..!!!
My boyfrand get maddd because i say that you are my favorite rapper i be like grow upppp!!!!!

I love youuuuuuuuuu

my babyy <3 | Reviewer: Lanaaa ` | 2/13/13

-- s2G ima marry future one day ^_______^ . like 'frfr<3 . but nah . iLove him. and my favorite song is Feeling I get [ yall should listen too it ]] but yeah, he's the best.. !

Biggest Fan | Reviewer: Michelle | 2/9/13

Michelle, 23 yrs old. I love Future to death like I know him personally. Love his music. I was so excited when he came to Birmingham, AL on Jan. 20th my birhtday was the 22nd. I thought that was the best birthday gift ever. I was front & centered & like to died when he touched my hand in the crowd. Love ya! Hope I can make another concert.

Futures Real #1 FAN | Reviewer: Nae` Baby | 1/29/13

every future came out i swear he is the only rapper i ever listen to on my life & i will die for somee tickets just to see him perform (; future got a talent that cant be explained i love all his music ; Future Baby I LOVE YOU <3 <3

#1 Fan | Reviewer: essence | 12/7/12

-Hi, im essence in im 16 years old in i love future ! Im his biggest fan i listen to his music ever night ! Him in Tupac Is my role model i look up to both of them.! some day i wish to meet them ! but, nice writing ya ! Toodles -Yella Bone!:))

Welfare | Reviewer: Divon Hanson | 10/5/12

The moves future make in this world is a positive impact. Ive started a fan base and review blog on Future with me hosting it on my facebook page. To get invited email me at
I feel like back when that young man was in need of guidance and help God made sure nno one would assist him because he knew it woould get him this far. Its the same thing my mother talkabout to this very day. She say aint no i in team. Even family will turn their back on you so dont expect friends or those who you know grew up wit to be there for you._ thats for the people reading this.Future is an imperial Artist and he impacts the world in phenominal way. If I knew what it takes to be famous and get my music out there I wouold make some magic happen. This was supposed to be a review on the biography bbut i just wanted to be on the spot light and voice my opinion to the public, Im a musician and a writer and if i get heard by the right dj or whoever my life a be 10x'z more interesting because i would be able to tell my story. Epic_ you gotta hear my story. I hope djs and other important people with pull in the industry reads this.