I effin love it. Who can create a song like this? Wow. | Reviewer: Knuckles | 9/30/13

I think if people thought this was a polished pop band here today and gone tomorrow they would have to reconsider after this song. This put's them on another level as far as song writing to me. James Mercer from The Shins comes to mind. You can tell this song is written from the heart. Incredible poetry made into a great song. This is a must have on your i pod or w.e. I'm officially a fan as of now. Better late than never.

BEST SONG EVER!!! | Reviewer: anonymous reader | 6/25/12

I saw the vid for this song and I was hooked and I couldn't get it out of my head. I think this song relates very well with civil war you know. As well as the iraq war with the part that goes, 'Who the f--k wants to die alone all dried up in the desert sun'.
To sum it up Fun should keep making great songs and keep up the good work.