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Performed by From First To Last

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Great song | Reviewer: Brooke | 8/4/09

I love this song, it truely speaks to me, and even if sonny isnt singing this song is still amazing, plus, it usually fits in my "romance" thing, like fits with the peopel i love and care about, so yeah....


Awesome | Reviewer: Cody Way | 7/13/07

From First To Last is like my life soundtrack. They know exactly what's goin on. Pure awesomeness

actualy | Reviewer: Dip shit | 1/30/07

the song was originaly recorde with phil reardon and matt sang when he left until sonny joined

fftl | Reviewer: greg | 12/3/06

yea this was back in 2003.. when phillip was vocals.. he left before dear diary for "musical differences" but we all know Sonny fits in better with the band than he did, all he did was scream and his voice sucked

love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/24/05

Iagree this song kicks ass!!! but sonny isn't in this one matt sings it!!! he hadn't joined the band yet!!! but yeah this song is my fav!!

Great song | Reviewer: Lorraine | 5/17/05

Heya, this song is just absolutely great. Sonny and the rest of the band have totally done themselves proud, with a mixture of singing and screaming and messed up lyrics it is fantastic and all fans of metal shouold certainly buy or download this song.

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