Anonymous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/4/11

I was actually dedicated this song. My mom wouldn't let me see him ad he left schools. Eg though he promised to live a happy life in the future, he became a jerk and i cry whenbi hear this song because I use to be his Emily ...

Emily | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/22/11

me and emily have been together for a year now, we broke up and we want to get back together, but her crazy ass mom wont let her see me, she blocked my number from all of her phones... in a year we will run away together and live happily ever after, and i promise you that <3

John | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/19/11

My name is John, I had a girlFriend named Emily but one morning I woke up and she had pooed all over me, so I packed my shit after I bent her over and packed hers too, called her a dirty parrot and lived happily ever after. The end

omg da ja vu | Reviewer: Amber | 4/11/11

I love this song cause my gf is called emily and her parents wont let me see her cause they hate teh fact shes gay shes 200 miles awaya nd i have to wait 1 yr till she can runn away and not be brought back home by teh police so yea i adore this song

:) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/30/11

I absolutely love this song, it makes me so happy. I smile everytime I listen to it :) my wonderful husband dedicated it to me and sings it and plays it to me all the time <333 :)) this song is amazing :)

Emily | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/16/10

I Love this song. But because of the way the lyrics are written it should be sung by a softer yet more suductive voice. I love From First to Last, and alot of the songs are amazing but Emily should be sang in a more charming loving caring voice.

emily | Reviewer: emily | 11/23/10

omg this song breaks my heart now. my first love used to sing this to me and he left me for a whore who doesnt understnad him like i do....... this song makes me cry every time i hear it now, but i still love the song, because it reminds me of how he used to feel about me.... :()

emily | Reviewer: emmily | 11/17/10

Well obviously, my name is emily... my first love used to sing this song to me, she learned how to play it and everything.... we were together forever and had a horrible break up, but every time I hear this song it makes me think of her and I cry.... I love this song and I will fight back the tears to listen to it!!!!

emily | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/20/10

i knew a girl named emily
she is a fat ugly girl, who liked to try to steal my boyfriend. and she kinda did, and then he came back when he realized he didnt love her and that she was a nasty girl. SO WHAT AM I TO DO? i am freakin beautiful and i had to compete with that? fml

so screw emily, this song should be titled natalie.

emy :/ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/22/10

emily and i just broke up like 3 weeks ago, it was extremely hard for me, she was and is to be honest.. a big part of my life specially cause we started to go out in grade 9 and well we are now in grade 12... we had amazing moments and rele difficult ones, specially during grade 11 cause we had a long distance relationship and not we were apart by some countries :/ and this summer we visited europe together it was more than awesome and well we broke up now. i still love her and i miss her so much, we broke up cause she tough it would be better for both of us cause we always hurt each other, all i hope is that she is happy and to see her again

emily | Reviewer: anonymous | 9/2/10

I knew a girl named emily. We were together and couldn't have been happier. Then everything got messed up. We couldn't work out the differences and now I'm miserable most of the time. I miss you Emily

my friend emily | Reviewer: victoria larose | 7/8/10

I knew a girl named Emily and we were best friends since forever...after not seeing eachother for a long time we met back up in middle school and I fell in love with her..she never really cared though..and in the end she moved away and broke my heart...

Randomness?? | Reviewer: Emily | 6/28/10

I did the exact same thing.. i googled 'Emily Lyrics' :)) I just wanted a song bout myself hahaha:) i didn't actually listen to the song..but it looks like a pretty awesome one judging by the lyrics haha:) --have a good day. :)

sadness | Reviewer: himpowamba | 5/30/10

i love this song so much i dated a girl named emily she meant the world to me and i learned this song by ear for hear i use to sing it to her but we broke up it was horrible she was preppy and im a scene kid her dad didnt like that at all i wasnt aloud to do anything no lip piercings couldnt spike my hair or anything or he would make us break up but i loved her alot so i never did that. i got highlight on my side of blonde her dad saw it and made us break up i hated it i was nice to him and everything i treated his daughter with respect and love and i ended up heart broken so everytime i hear this song it reminds me of her so much good and bad memories i still miss her

love it | Reviewer: emily | 4/19/10

I was a bit bored so i just googled ''emily lyrics''.
yes when i'm bored i google my name. i know it makes no sence :D
okay. and i love this song and i just wish my boyfriend would play it to me or sing it to my.
this song is so amazing *__*