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Performed by From First To Last

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omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: gabriel | 6/8/07

this is the most bestist coolest song in the whole world i love this song :) its the bomb

sweet | Reviewer: krista | 6/6/07

this song is so awsumits so sad and cool at the same time i love it i like it so much that im lerning it for guitar!!!

I love this!! | Reviewer: Brooke | 6/1/07

I love playing it on my guiter.. and I got it rememerized.

heh. | Reviewer: Jon.. | 6/2/07

My best friend's name is Emily.
And I've always kinda liked her...
And I'm thinking about asking her out,
Because I know she used to like me too...
But I'm afraid she doesn't anymore.

I love this song.
Some day...
I'll hold her in my arms and sing this to her.

awwwwwwwww | Reviewer: aj | 6/3/07

i love this song... but i hate it at the same time cause it is so heart breaking.. . hmm guess im in love

another amazing song | Reviewer: Chris | 5/30/07

Lindsay quit lollygagging by Chiodos quite amazing as well

sweet | Reviewer: emily | 5/29/07

my sister hates me for my name over this song because shes in love with sonny but i gotta say i love my name being emily because of this song

reviewwwwww | Reviewer: shay | 5/26/07

i looe this song much.
it makes me cry.
i'm trying to learn it.

good song | Reviewer: Sarah | 5/26/07

this song is absolutley the best...but theres alot of stories behind it like, he wrote it after emily commited suicide, or that he wrote it after she broke up with him, idk what the story is...but its a wonderful song! i can listen to it 4578329758934265892345789634896258934628562348956823496589342658962349 times and i would never get tired of it!!!!

Amazing. | Reviewer: Steve | 5/17/07

I sing this to my "close friend" all the time. We both love it. We both swear it was about us. We both cried together for this song. I love her and it.

emily | Reviewer: alison | 5/13/07

this song sucks..nah it and i guess im "emily" to my carlin(L) haha..not really..but thats what he sings for moi

Emily | Reviewer: Hassan | 5/13/07

This song is simply amazing, it's my 2nd favourite song by From First To Last, my first being "Waltz Moore"

dedicated2 me. . lol | Reviewer: melissa | 5/11/07

this guy that likes me told me 2 listen 2 it and its a really sweet song i never heard of from first to last but there great!<3

Legend. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/10/07

Best song out. Change the word
Emily to RhianonSarah...& you got
a song written about my friend/love
in great perfection.

Awesomeee. | Reviewer: Mishelle | 5/10/07

I love this song, it's so sweet haha I wish that someone made a song like this for me.... Me and friends always change the words though so it's like it's made for us... doesn't work so swell with my name though. Gotta make it Mishelle-eyyy so it fits :P

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