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Performed by From First To Last

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greatest song ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/17/07

this song definately is one of the greatest i have ever heard i know its not about any girls but its still kick ass definately love the intro to it

review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/17/07

very emotional song, very deep and meaningful, my girlfriend was not called emily but i feel this song is just as applicable to anyone male or female. a song about how much someone can mean to somoene and how sometimes without that person you're not yourself, not complete. dislike the vocals although i can't imagine this song without them.

your all gay | Reviewer: abbie | 8/14/07

my name ISNT EMILY and all the people i know named emily are faggs.
but i wnated to say...soony isnt singing about your gf's or you. he just wrote a stupid song and sang it. the song is very very very amazing tho.......its like my fav song in the world. i love soonys voice, its incrdible

people | Reviewer: stephanie | 8/14/07

i love how every1 talks about there names being emily or their bfs/gfs instead of stuff about the song/band

omg | Reviewer: emily | 8/9/07

sonnys voice makes my heart skip a beat it so awesome.I love this f@#$in song

<3 | Reviewer: [[mle]] | 8/7/07

well im emily and my girlfriend jessica always sings this song to me i love her so much<3333
i.l.y bby girl

omfg | Reviewer: people person | 8/6/07

i love this song and am carzy bout it my name is emily and i dnt think sonny sings like shit but he does spit. there would probably be no other person who could sing it with as much emotion as sonny :) i rekon he sounds upset or sad :( but thats me

My girlfriend <3 | Reviewer: Tommy | 8/3/07

My girlfriend's name is Emily... and i love her to death... she saved my life... multiple times.

The first time i heard this song... i was depressed because i wasnt with Emily...

Since i finally got with her... i finally got my piece of heaven, i bought an acoustic guitar...

:( now all i gotta do is learn it... im so bad at guitar ive never taken lessons, im reading tabs off the net.
its a beautiful song, its a guy pouring his heart out... thats how i feel so :)

Once i learn it, ill play it for her :) wish me luck XD

<3 I love you Emily, forever, i owe you everything.

wow,,, | Reviewer: andrew | 8/1/07

theres this girl i REALLY like and her name is Emily, she noes i like her so i always sing this song wen i think of her...shes amazing!

wow | Reviewer: Nick | 8/1/07

wow you guys are pretty much all the most cliche weirdos ever. it is a very good song. but crying in joy because it reminds you of your GF? come on man... thats lame. Also Sonny sounds okay to me. couple times hes off key but oh well.

Oh well... | Reviewer: OMG. <3 | 7/31/07

This song is really good.
I've learn how to play it on a guitar, before hearding this song. In conclusion, this song is less special with Sonny's voice.It's supposed to be a love song with at least a bit of emotion, but I don't hear emotion at all, I only hear him like he was mad or something.& when he said "Emily" is hear "EmiFFlyyy" like he was spiting when he says it xD but whatever.But the lyrics are so good...I just love this song !

i love this song | Reviewer: Emily | 7/30/07

Hi my name is Emily my bf sings this song to mee all the time he says that it reminds him of how much he loves me.
I LOVE U AJ!!!!!!!!!!!

Wowzer. | Reviewer: Dylan | 7/28/07

Yeah, sonny's voice is rough. But he still hits the notes, and after a while you get used to it. it's just a part of the song. I hope I can get my band to cover this. Change 2 lines a little bit and i can make it fit my GF XD

this is my name emilee | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/07

hey people this song is so me and my boyfriends song it has so much meaning to it and i love it because it uses my name lol peace out

Uhm... | Reviewer: Dude | 7/18/07

This song is goood. too bad that SSLS (Sonny Sings Like Shit) I hope someone with a singing tallent covers this one day.

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