love this song | Reviewer: anon. | 9/21/08

this song is the best. i love it so much it has so much meaning and passion behind the lyrics. FFTL writes awesome love songs and this one is definatley one of there best. i can all readyy do a cover for it and i cant wait to play it for my GF

ooh wow... | Reviewer: Emily | 9/17/08

i love this song! it makes me feel soo good to have the name Emily. i almost cried while joke...i just wish there was a guy out there that would have been able to sing sutch a heart-fulled song to me. I wish this song was for me. i would feel wanted if it was. i just hope that emily out there apresiates this song because if she doesnt then no one diserves this kind of love. When i saw a video on youtube with the song there was a girl in it that looked exactly like me so that must mean something [=

this is truely an amazing song...

I've never been one to come up with meaningful titles.. | Reviewer: Colton | 9/10/08

This song is pretty great.
It makes me with I had a girl named Emily to serenade to. lol

I think the way I sing it is much better though, but you can't deny the fact that he has a shit load of heart behind every word he says in this song.

hes not that bad | Reviewer: ethan | 9/8/08

no doubt an awesome heartfelt song. This is one song he gets so into. it sounds kinda odd but i think thats what makes it so good. its like he cares more about getting it out and making it known then sounding good... the way he sings reminds me of escape the fate's 'day i left the womb' (another great song btw)

omgg | Reviewer: Leanna | 8/24/08

this is literally one of the best songs in the world. Sure Sonny isn't the best singer ever, but just listen to the emotion behind it. It's amazing, fantastic, sensational. TThe words are so interestingly put, and beautifully writted. The tune is so calming, sorrowful, relaxing. The guitar at the beginning is so pretty I almost always start to cry. This song brings back SO many memories for me, and will always stay in my heart as the best song. Ever.

wow | Reviewer: Ama | 8/14/08

This song is really great, but sooo sad, my bf is right now in spain making vacations there, and i'm here in cold cold germany =( I listen the whole time to that song cause i miss him that much....the song is really great

:D | Reviewer: Emilyyyyy | 8/4/08

omgg, i love this song.
my boyfrien sang it to me on my birthday, this son means so much to me. like really. when im sad, i listen to it. i love it i love it.
its amazing.
i love From First To Last.
im wearing their shirt right now >.<
keep up the good workk !

wow. | Reviewer: emlayy | 7/19/08

haha i just looked up my name on project playlist and then i found this song and started listening to it.
probably the best song i've heard in a while and its kinda my new favorite song right now (:
this person who sings this song isn't the best singer in the world, but the lyrics back that up.
amazing <3
i think i'm ganna put it as my myspace song.

SOoooooo Cute | Reviewer: Emily | 7/9/08

Awwweeeehhhhhh From first to last rocks!!!!!!!!!I LOVE THIS SONG!! my name is Emily and My bestie dedicated this song too me i think it is sooooooo Beautiful Like really pretty whoever Sonny was singing that for they are very very lucky and special :D I LOVE FROM FIRST TO LAST<333333333

good song, bad singer | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/9/08

I really like the meaning and soulfulness of the song but the singer was just ear rapingly bad, if anyone w/ a respectable amount of talent sung this or did their own version of this id love this song

ily this song | Reviewer: Cole | 7/6/08

All the people who hate this song are so gay....they need help..if you dnt like this song then y look it up..if you dnt like it oh well your loss...the people who love this song dnt really give a fuck about u emo diissers so shut your mouths,

emily is a beautiful song and if you dnt like it i suggest u fuk urself cuz yous a fuk faces..


Emily | Reviewer: Eden | 4/12/08

For fucks sake people why the hell do u come and look up the lyrics to this song if you just want to bag the singer,from first to last is absolutly amazing and so is this song, so seriously why the fuck do u look up lyrics 2 say shit about them, just fuck off.i Love this song from first to last owns!

Whatever... | Reviewer: Mel | 4/6/08

As above ppl have mentioned, appreciating a song, music lyrics or artist can all be different things. I, personally, hate rap music but have such respect for the artists because of the skill they must have to perform the way they do.
Anyway, the point it. This song, though I like it for its performance as well, is beautifully mastered. The lyrics are beautiful within themselves and I think anyone who dissed on any artist from any genre isn't a musician in any shape or form, nor do they truelly appreciate the effort or talent tht goes into creating something. Beautiful. Thts all I have to say.

why? | Reviewer: peter | 3/28/08

notice how everyone has a different opinion on this song . to narrow it down and save us alot of cussing, some say its good, some say its bad.
some say its good because they have a CERTAIN appreciation for this kind of music, and others dont, you need to have a wide scope of what talent really is to society, not to you. if you really enjoyed music, you could tell the guitar was not only good, but complicated to pick as well. as for vocals, he was loud and his pitch was brought up very high, a very rare talent.
so before you start judging, overall, i have to say the talent in this song is remarkable for a 17 year old,
and, again,
i'd like to see you sing that song and play like him.

Meanings... | Reviewer: Broken | 3/28/08

This Is An Amazing Songs, And For Anyone Who's Judging It By The Way He Sings, You Don't Know Music. It's Not All About The Sound; Lyrics And Instrumentals Are Just As Much A Factor.

As For Meaning, I Was Broken By An Emily... Nough Said.