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Performed by From First To Last

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Omfg stop staying in the past | Reviewer: MikeallMurder | 2/18/09

Ok so here's the thing I was huge sonny fan but he left for a solo career so for those who still whine about him leaving GET THE FUCK OVER IT fftl was awesome before and after sonny get out of the past and support matt ok!? I'm so sick of all you whine powers who started liking fftl after sonny quit then realizing their new cd doesn't sound the same then whining

what if.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/24/08

has anyone even tried that number? to see who will pick up? haha i wouldn't like to be that person, to have alot of pete wentz fans calling me just becaus my nomber is featured as pete's number in a song LOL

correct | Reviewer: mmhh | 3/26/08

the was fucking FIRST TO LAST not FROM first to last. without or without sonny their still one of the bes tbands ever. sonny changed you can see how their sound hs changed on heroine which is much more like wha the does now compared to dear diary...

rawr | Reviewer: rawrXcore | 11/7/07

this song is THE best everrr
its so hillarious. i love travis's growl thing. and its original. XD the pete wentz things funny too.
i hate pete T_T

oh yeah i dont understand why everyones like THeres no fftl without sonny.
yeah sonnys awesome
but there was a fftl before sonny. and personally i think matt good sings alot better. no offence tho cuz sonny was pretty awesome. but i agree with that chick below. he COMPLETELY swiched genres wich makes him seem like he wasnt even interested. just saying

man. | Reviewer: Ryan | 9/24/07

I'm kinda getting sick of fan girls.
Can't you just appreciate a band for how talented they are? Not for an ex band member who wasn't even with them when they started. And look at Sonny now. He's completely changed his style of music which makes it seem like he didn't even want to be there. That's just my opinion :P

ahahahhaa | Reviewer: Kenzie Katastrofic! | 8/2/07

"(Matt's hotter anyways)"
It's Trueee!! i saw them play live w; matt good(: he was friggin awesome!
btw i love this song its friggin funny

amazing | Reviewer: me | 7/22/07

this song is really funny. They should have more respect than any other band because even with everything they've been through and all of the people they've had quit on them, they never gave up. The true fans will remain even now that Sonny's gone. (Matt's hotter anyways)

HA HA luv itt | Reviewer: Julia | 7/22/07

LMAOO omgsh u guys i love this band like u dont under stand-- i wish sonny was still in the band BUTTTTTTTTT Matt is doing a really good job keep up the good work plz:)

whoa!! | Reviewer: sara | 7/12/07

omfg my boyfriend got me hooked on this song and i absolutely FUCKING LOVE IT!!!! and my brother hates it when i santas going to die whos only 8..... i so get it stuck in my head every day... in fact i listening to it rit now!!!

i <3 FFTL

LOL | Reviewer: stephanieSARCASTIC ! | 6/18/07

OMG I love this song ! FFTL are awesome . Last xmas I was singing this and I got slapped XD And this always gets stuck in my head wayyy to easily . But I love it <3


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