Reviews for Glory to Glory to Glory Lyrics

Performed by Fred Hammond

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Wonderful!I love this song!!! | Reviewer: Jennifer | 7/25/13

Indeed, my God is great and there is no doubt that He deserve all glory and adoration.All majesty and honour belongs to the only one God who is also the one and only Savior of the whole world.I give Glory to His Highness!!AMEN

I loVe this song!!! | Reviewer: Shakira | 6/12/11

Yes thats true!!the God is big and he is king,no matter how strong u are!God is stil stronger.yes he is my father and im his daughter,for i will do anything to keep the lord in my heart,the devil may won half in a bettle!but he will never win the full bettle,only my God yes praise his name cuzz i believe in my God!amen

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