Awesome | Reviewer: OLAGUNJU ADURA | 2/22/11

Hi fred,I've listened to this powerful song many times and its evergreen in my heart and for dispensations to come. You inspires me with your angelic voice. Mehn... You are a lagacy for posterity. Thank you and God bless.

Can't believe it | Reviewer: P man | 2/15/11

I cant believe what i'm listening to, this song is such an inspirational one, whenever i listen to i sing it along with happiness. Bro. Fred God is your strength and God bless you for this great work.

my review of bread of life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/14/11

i think this is a really great song and i recommend this song to anyone who loves gospel music or who is a religious person and/or a person who just likes music that has a meaning this is a great song thank you fred hammond for making this beautiful song and you have so much talent and you write beautiful music so thank and congrat

request | Reviewer: ADERIBIGBE JOSHUA OLUGBENGA | 12/14/10

the track Bread of life was being introduce to me by a friend which since i have been hearing it 've being a blessing to my soul, but please how can i get the original copy of full album.
Thank you and GOD bless.

amor mi dio | Reviewer: shelanda blevins | 11/3/09

fred you are an complete inspiration to me and you wake me up in the morning your songs are uplifting. i am only 15 and when mu father died i thought my world was over. but when i listened to your song i just got back on my feet and i pray more and i feel blessed. please continue to sing these amazing songs.

thanking for sog | Reviewer: tanisha cox | 10/22/09

Dear bro Fred,
thanks for comming out with thins song. i am only 15 and because of your songs no weapon and bread of life i am so into christan life. Thank you so much you changed my life. tanisha cox

on spirit | Reviewer: cleo | 5/8/09

first when i listen to this i got onto the spirit and all of a sudden i just worship God because i love to worship because it is where i connect with the almighty and this is one of the songs i sing when i enter into his court to worship him, i realy love this song

A think to God Almighty for giving u is inspirationation song. | Reviewer: Gift | 4/10/09

Thax alot bro Fred for making the work of the lord come out through u.I don't always like all these english worspel song untill it was sang in my church on day.After going through the lyric i saw alot of spirit in the song.I sing it every day.

INSPIRATIONAL SONG | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/25/09

Dear Fred, God bless you so very much for this song. I just cannot help it any time this song comes up in church or on the radio. It puts me immediately in the spirit and I just sing my heart out. To say that i like it is an understatement. I LOVE it to bits!

A soul lifting song | Reviewer: Oduneye Olugbenga | 12/12/07

This is a song that anyone who listens 2 wont remain the same again.GOD bless you Bro. Fred, you are a blessing to this generation and the ones yet unborn.May the good lord continue to inspire you till the coming of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.Bless you richly.

My sister loves this song! | Reviewer: Eston | 7/31/07

This is one of those songs my sister is always like "you've got to replay that!"

Great inspiration. | Reviewer: Kindong Jr. | 7/8/07

Dear Bro Fred, God bless you as others gain blessings from your songs. This song is so inspirational. I put my heart and soul into it when singing. It's a blessing.

THIS IS WHO HE IS | Reviewer: e jones | 6/21/07

this is truly an awesome song. there is no way one can NOT feel the presence and acknowledge the AWESOMENESS of JESUS...... HE IS THE GENTLE REDEEMER...LIVING WORD.. LIVING TRUTH...praise be to GOD...FOR JUST BEING WHO HE IS...

beautiful song indeed | Reviewer: victoria shinyi | 6/18/07

nice and awsome song, like to sing along all the time, kudos to fred hammond

about song bread of life | Reviewer: marissa | 5/24/07

the first time i ever heard this song was during praise and worship at the sunday morning service at church. and ever since then i couldnt get it out of my mind i love it. trully my number one worship song