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Performed by Franz Ferdinand

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My Michael | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/18/13

I've always loved how catchy and danceable this song is ... recently the name Michael just meant a whole new thing to me ... something I never thought I'll be thinking about ... something thats scary ... yet I can't help but to think about it ... Michael ... my Michael, one day he'll make me wanna moan to have you ... and I can't wait to want you .... I love you, my Desmond ...

Love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/21/10

This song makes me wanna get up and dance! It's a catchy song with a great beat! Maybe it's about a gay person. Who cares? I love the song because of the song, not the sexual orientation of the person it's being sung about. They can do what they like to who they like - but there's a damn fine song about them and I LOVE IT! :)

i liked a michael | Reviewer: nic | 6/20/10

and when i heard this song i was like HELL YES.
i love this song its so fun to dance to who cares if this is a total gay song it ROCKS!
even being gay doesn't matter!!
love love love love love.
this song is the best and even tho im a girl i still connect to it cuz i find a guy named michael very sexy.
hahaha oh yeah man, fuck yes.

Why all the fuss? | Reviewer: AubergineMalevolence | 3/7/10

Despite what everyone else has said, I would only like to express my opinion that this song is catchy and the lyrics are somewhat comical (I don't mean that in any sort of negative way). Thank you. I have considered your opinions as well and I respect them.

Michael | Reviewer: Emma | 2/19/10

This is definitely one of my favorite Franz songs, and that's probably BECAUSE of the gay lyrics, actually. I find them interesting, and, yeah. Sexy. And I'm a straight girl, haha. I especially like this part:
you're the boy with all the leather hips,
sticky hair, sticky hips,
stubble on my sticky lips

I love bold songs like this, though. I can understand if the lyrics make some people uncomfortable, whether homophobic or not. They're pretty out there. I love the song, even if it's pretty weird to have blasting in my head at school, during Algebra. ;)

look before you speak. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/8/10

... you people realise there are next to no people acturly having a go at this song for its homosexual content...

you are actruly raging at non-existant posters for thier non-existant intollerance.

i found 1 message (that appaered to be written by a primary school student may I add) that even remotely reffered to the gay content in a negative manor. was that realy worth the 5 page outpouring of pure outrage.

perhaps its about time people realised that the only thing worse then people displaying stuipidty in the first place. is the sensationalisum of the reaction an opinions based only on the opinions of the masses.

global warming.

these things wouldnt matter to you if you werent told that they matter to you

start making your own opinions based on that which you have witnessed and not on that which you have been shown.

Fuck you, Damien | Reviewer: Samm | 11/30/09

I absolutly LOVE this song, it is sexy, and very...danceble, and I AM GAY, YOU FUCKING DICK, so maybe you should just SHUT THE FUCK UP!

I believe I am speaking for alot of people when I say that homophobia is REALLY immature, and stupid! And just because the lyrics are somewhat...okay, alot gay, if the song is good, with a nice beat and such, then don't you dare dislike it because of the FUCKING LYRICS!

Michael | Reviewer: Ben | 11/29/09

Ok, i looked into this and found out that this is not about a gay guy named michael. It is about a straight guy named michael who had a gay one night stand. That being said, anyone who thinks that its a bad song because it is about a gay experience should never talk again, as your level of intellect is on par with that of a third grader
Franz for life

this is old...2004 | Reviewer: nuja | 10/5/09


Rated 0
This song is actually about a homosexual called michael (although that may not be his name to keep his identity secret) who lives in glasgow and is very good friends with the band.

Franz Ferdinand are an amazing band, who give a great live performance - if you do like them, check out the early release Darts of Pleasure, the b-sides are pure genious.

honestly... | Reviewer: Rowan Donnelly | 9/30/09

what is with all of you homophobic morons?
this song is extremely catchy and quite enjoyable to listen to.
why does everyone have to find the faults in everything?
close your mouth, cuz the shit thats falling out is stupid.

STFU, please. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/25/09

Is the song about a gay person - yes. duh. It's not just "gay undertones" it's gay.
Does that mean the band is gay- no.
Does it matter- no. If Alex Kapranos is bisexual, who cares? He's an amzing song writer, lyricist, musician, an amazing person!

And this song FUCKING ROCKS MY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the sexiest song ever, most danceable, I can just dance forever to this song! It gives me eargasms!

art and the Beatles | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/19/09

This is just like when actors play gay roles and people assume they "must" be gay because of it. Musicians are artists and write lyrics to describe the world in different ways. It doesn't matter if it about the band or the band's friends, it is a piece of art by musicians that who want to relate parts of the world around them.

As for the Beatles issue, I personally think some of their songs sound much more like the Doors. maybe it's the voice.

The beatles | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/08

Hey Damian, do you know the Beatles song Michelle? Well, when that song was released in France there was a problem with the translation of the name Michelle. The name Michelle is actually the French name for Michael. Thus many French fans deduced that Lennon and McCartney were gay. The difference here is that back then, no one cared, they just enjoyed the music. You would have though that 40 years on we could be more accepting, but clearly not.

story... | Reviewer: Sabrina | 9/8/08

The singer, Alex Kapranos, stated in an interview that the song was written about two friends of his — "It was one night when me and the band were out with friends from Glasgow, and we went to this warehouse dance party thing called Disco X. It was a very debauched night and these two friends got it together in a very sexy way."

^ from Wikipedia.

.. | Reviewer: Rosssss | 9/1/08

Oh my fucking god people, even it WAS about them being gay, which might I add it's not, who gives a damn? Why don't you all just enjoy the song for THE SONG! Queen were all gay, but who cares? They made great music.. in other words.. GET OVER IT!

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