hey | Reviewer: alexis trevino | 1/16/2008

hey frankie its me alexis im yo cousin. do you remember jose trevino? well if u do im his daughter and im such a big fan. and i love ur song obsession. i learned this song in 1 hour and i loved it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mari | Reviewer: In Love! | 1/15/2008

I have loved this song forever! like ever since i was like 12 or 13! It's my fav song! and he is so romantic and cute! i love his voice so much! everytime i listen to it i fall in love like a million times lolz

wonderful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/22/2007

the song is very romantic and so true, it came just in time when i needed it. it is most definitely a wonderful song

so goog | Reviewer: mimi j | 5/7/2007

this song is a very2 cool,calm and frankie voice is so romantic,he s very handsome!everyday i must listen frankie song especially OBSESSION..frankie,if u read this message..i juz want u to no...i want to be your frens and always support u as a artist.hope u to contact me!

I LUV THIS SONG!!!!! | Reviewer: Mya | 6/12/2006

I LUV DIS SONG I JUST LISTENED TO IT ABOUT 10 - 15 TIMES IN A ROW I GIVE IT A 1,000000000000000000000000000000000000 AND ON AND ON!!!!!

HE"S MINE AND FINE + I LOVE HIM | Reviewer: Ruby | 5/10/2005

The song is hella cool. Are you guys feeling me. gotta go

brill! | Reviewer: kirstie | 5/6/2005

i think that this song is one of the best songs that have been sung in a long long time. it aint just a song, this song has a lot of meaning in it to me. the lyrics are fantastic!

Gay | Reviewer: Clint Neely | 5/5/2005

This song is so terrible. I'm only here because I have no clue what the hell he says. Oh, it's spanish, figures. This song is terrible.

It rocks! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/26/2005

This song rocks!! Yeah, man. His voice is hot and the song are just so awesome. I love it. ^_^ Sweet song.

Good stuff. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/29/2005

This song is awesome. The original is good, but the fact that this one is english makes it a little better. And his voice is hot!