Reviews for You and Me (We Wanted It All) Lyrics

Performed by Frank Sinatra

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Movie that this song was from | Reviewer: George W. Jr. | 12/11/13

This song was at the end of Irreconcilable Differences that starred Ryan O'Neil and Shelly Long and a very young Drew Barrymore. I had searched for years also for a copy of this beautiful song penned by none other than Carol Bayer Sager. What a beautiful marriage of writer and singer. One of Frank's finest. I took my Father to see Frank when he was 75 years old. Front row seats at the United Center in Chicago. Don Rickles opened for Frank and Frank Jr. led the orchestra. A memory I will cherish forever. My Dad passed in 2001 so it was 1995 when I last saw Old Blue eyes. There has been a lot of imitators but there will never be another Sinatra or a man like my father. May they both rest in peace. Thank you for a lifetime of memories and songs to put them to.

Why Sinatra is still the "BEST" | Reviewer: M. Cibotti | 8/14/12

Like others, this song sums up our romance we let get away from us. It's as though someone was looking at us from a distance, writing down our stupid destructive moves. And Sinatra singing every step we made. I have been searching for this song for a long time. I'm glad to finally have found it. Thanks 'Ol Blue Eyes!

What about the composer?? | Reviewer: Sonny | 6/6/12

Sad that in today's society the composer of a song is completely overlooked. Watch all the "talent shows" on TV. When they introduce a song they always say "Name of song" by "xxxxxxx". They ALWAYS say the name of the singer who happened to have a hit record of the song rather than the person(s) who actually created the piece of art. It's always about the "pretty face" that has been marketed to the public. People know nothing about music. What a moronic society! I came to this site to find out who wrote this wonderful song....and with all the rave reviews, not a mention of who created it! Not to take away anything from Frank - he's my god!

simply the best of all time | Reviewer: susan b. rosenberg | 11/30/11

this is a song i have been trying to find for so many years. no matter where i went or what i purchased it wasn't there. AND TODAY I FOUND IT. "it was music to my ears". this song is so beautifully written and orchestrated. and of course, the way frank sang it. we know people and pets can never be replaced or substituted. and as i sit and listen to the singers appearing for the lighting of the tree at Rockefeller Plaza, my opinion is just re=inforced. frank takes a song and without screaming or screeching, makes it his own and lets it just flow gently through your soul. its what makes frank, frank. how he is missed in a world where beauty is so limited. i thank his family for the newly released box set. it is a treasure, a gift. do you think i am over the top on this subject. you would be right. it has always been old blue eyes for this woman.....

truly blue eye's best | Reviewer: Gloria | 11/29/07

Like others, I believe this song was, indeed, his best. Passion at it's best and saddest. Do we know who it was written for? Thanks for any info.What movie tract was it on?

Beautiful but sad | Reviewer: Samantha | 7/5/07

This song is so beautiful and it touches my heart so deeply. It is such a sad song though. The sadness even makes it more touching. I think this was Frank's best song. Not because of his voice, but because I felt his passion and his sadness in this song.

Sadder than sad | Reviewer: A romantic | 5/18/07

Could there be a sadder song. It's beautiful but devastating. Sinatra's vocals are super though.

You and Me | Reviewer: Larry Grasso | 12/8/06

Yesssssssss i love this song,,,1st heard it in a little bar back home,,its my song now, and NOBODY sings it better then Frank. LJ

ONE OF SINATRAS GREATEST | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/15/06

This recording, since the first time we heard it on the juke box in a cozy bar,back in the 80's has been "our song".

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