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Performed by Frank Sinatra

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Sinatra's Harmonic Sense | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/21/09

Harry Connick Jr said that it was not only Sinatra's phrasing that was so brilliant, but also his harmonic sense. After trying to sing this song i see what he means, Sinatra hits a sequence of notes that i would never even think of singing, adding to the painful angst of this incredible performance.

maybe the best of them all | Reviewer: mike ahern | 5/18/07

"Only the Lonely" may or may not be Frank Sinatra's best
album of love songs, clearly Nelson Riddle thought so, but in my estimation his rendition of "What's New" is the class of the set. "One for my Baby" is the "breakout" recording on the album, of course, but listen again to "What's New"...the classic Sinatra phrasing and the resignation in his voice. We all know that no one interprets a lyric like Sinatra, and certainly no one has ever conveyed the deep, silent pain of this lovely song so poignantly. By he way, for what it's worth from a simple life-long fan., Sinatra's three best recordings are "With Every Breath I Take" from the album "Close to You", everybody's favorite ":I
've Got you Under my Skin" and this heart-breaking recording of "What's New."

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