Fabulous Frank Sinatra Forever | Reviewer: Jeanne Legernes | 10/29/14

As a former early childhood classical musician and professional musician of the 60's and early 70's, I used to sing a lot of Sinatra. Now I am retired and elderly, but still love his songs; he was truly THE VOICE of his century and this one, so far. No one can match him for talent, phrasing, breath control, great proclivity in choice of songs he did, and longevity in the business. There will ALWAYS be great fans of his music.

The Music Lady | Reviewer: Mary K | 2/9/14

Borrn in 1927 I grew up loving Sinatra's records. One favorite was I Fall in Love Too Easily. Now, at 86, I voluneer 5 days wkly at 4 hospitals strolling and singing, sometimes with teacart and cookies for waiting rooms, re-hab rooms, patient's rooms, cancer clinics. Being blessed with a good memory of many songs and memories of times gone by plus keeping my voice going. Greatly blessed!

Wee Small Hours | Reviewer: Ernie Amagsila | 5/27/13

Frank Sinatra's "Wee Small Hours" and so many more of his songs helped me finish college in the Philippines amid many difficulties. I would start to study or review my school works at 4:30am while listening to disc jockey Joey Lardizabal who plays Frank's songs. I've grown to love exclusively Frank's music and so I still sing his song(s) whenever I'm asked or dared to at my 74th year. Really I regard Frank Sinatra songs as the only viable link to classical music.

Still singing at 86 | Reviewer: Frank Di Egidio | 4/15/12

Sinatras music will haunt me forever and I am a soloist and am inspired be his prescence on stage. He feared no one and gave everything he had in his style of singing. I was born in 1925 and grew up in his time. We both share two things in common We
share the same first name "Francis" and our ethnic background is of Italian descent.

Sinatra Forever | Reviewer: beverly | 11/17/11

i only dred
that i never seen him live in concert
i grew up in the 70's listening to him on the juke box
the summer wind came blowing in from across the sea
it lingered there
touch your hair
walk with me
Sinatra Forever

Teen age memories | Reviewer: Mary J | 8/18/11

I remember hanging on the bandstand talking to Tommy Dorsey's band and Frank Sinatra. The Hall was open to teenagers every Saturday afternoon for dancing and listening and a "milk bar" They were very tolerant and cordial to high school dance bands. Many other of the big bands as well as Dorsey. This was in Los Angeles, CA...a very long time aga.

Memories | Reviewer: Ronbrowncloud | 10/29/10

I can still remember the car radio offering up Sinatra's- "Hey Jealous Lover" in the mid-fifties. I liked that song. I liked Frank. I was, (of course), also familiar w/many of his great earlier hits. I had just become 12 years of age. Then came the 1955 Bill Haley & The Comets mega hit "Rock Around The Clock". Music would now take on a new (and permanent) direction. Elvis, Little Richard, The Platters, and yes, even Ricky Nelson (along w/many others) would take the airways into the era of Rock & Roll. I did, and still do, love Rock & Roll. I do, however, very much continue to enjoy Sinatra, Martin, Day, Page, Fitzgerald, and all the others, who gave us their VERY OWN "Sound of Music".