Best musical memories | Reviewer: Jimbo | 4/23/14

Was in Chicago in the early sixties on a business trip.some friends and I stopped at the Palmer house to. hear Errol garner and he played Laura as only his style could do..softer dinner we walked a few blocks and saw George shearing..we requested Laura and were rewarded with his rendition..fabulous memories of a truly one of a kind song..short but oh so sweet..still talking about it...thanks

Inspiration for my upcoming musical comedy | Reviewer: John H. Ristine | 4/6/14

That was my father's favorite song. He named his daughter after it. My father transferred to me the feel of the song at a young age, asking me to consider the lyrics, as we would listen to big band music together.
Today, I get the same chills as he did.

Frank & Spike | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/27/13

I also love the Spike Jones version of this song. In fact, it was the only one I knew until I heard Sinatra's. To say they are different is an understatement! What an achievement in songwriting!

Soul-Touching Poetry | Reviewer: Diane | 4/23/13

If these lyrics and melody don't bring tears to your eyes, if you can't see that face on a train passing through, if you can't remember that very first kiss, then you're not a dreamer, a romantic - the poet's heart passed you by.

memories of Laura. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/12

I shall never forget the shock of seeing the supposedly murdered Laura(Gene Tierney)coming in at the door of her flat in perfect health and the look on Mark(Dana Andrews) face as he thought he was seeing a ghost. 'Laura' What a film and what a beautiful song. They don't write 'em like that these days.

Haunting | Reviewer: Bill Owens | 11/24/12

I too have loved this song and can you imagine my joy as a singer to one day recently turn a page of music to Laura. My friend plays piano and we were off and running! The song has me mesmerized in a mood of love

Unforgettable Laura | Reviewer: Jim Buckey | 4/10/12

First heard some 60 years ago and never forgotten.
Still gives me shivers down the spine whenever I hear it.
They don't write music like this anymore.
By the way,my daughters name is Laura.

Eternally haunting | Reviewer: Hugh | 7/7/11

This simple, but magnificent piece of music has haunted my mind since I was a teen-ager in the 1940's. It never fails to move something very deep in my soul, even if I sing it to myself. No, I never had a girl friend named Laura. It is a melody and a set of lyrics that stands on its own.

You might say it is a secular parallel to "Amazing Grace", that religious masterpiece.

Laura is an "eternal" song. | Reviewer: KentonFan | 4/24/11

I first heard Kenton's version of this on his "Greatest Hits" album, back in the '70's and was spellbound. My dad often said that "Jazz ended with Stan Kenton" and maybe he was right. But Mercer's songs help it live on. I thoroughly agree with the person above who likes Kenton's fully-orchestrated version the best.

Kenton 1951 - "Laura" at her best | Reviewer: Rodney Hatle | 1/17/11

While this noted old standard has a fine brief lyric, the melody works just as well as a straight instrumental. Of course Stan Kenton took it to the heights in 1951, combining the best of both. He uses an unpretentious unified male chorus in baritone, and the studio band caps this perfect recording with saxophones that stir the imagination. Unequalled. A few years ago I wore out the TC-MFP 5607 Mono tape. For Christmas 2010 I received the disc, CDP 7 48437 2 DIDX 2415. I'm specific because Kenton has other recordings of "Laura." This one, Kenton's own arrangement, is a Capitol of 28 May 1951 with the likes of Maynard Ferguson, Chico Alvares, Shorty Rogers, and Shelly Mann. The great sax section is Bud Shank, Bob Gioga, Art Pepper, Jimmy Giuffre, and Bart Caldarell. This is the recording's next to last song. It ends with Kenton's rousing "Peanut Vendor" of 1947. Entitled "San Kenton's Greatest Hits" (of course), the recordings range from 1943. Seven others of the eleven numbers on it are Artistry in Rhythm, Tampico, Interlude, Eager Beaver, Unison Riff, Painted Rhythm, September Song. Kenton's dates are 19 Feb. 1912 to 26 Aug. 1979. I'm expecting something very good in the February 2012 media.

Love the good stuff . . . | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/12/10

Like so many Johnny Mercer collaborations, tt's a wonderful song with a wonderful shape but of the kind that sadly calls to mind that there doesn't seem to be much room for the like any longer.

I'm a singer and I stopped at this site to find it and look it over because I plan to beef up my repertoire. On reading through the lyric after such a long time I know for sure that I'm going to use it.

The Theme song of Laura, 1940 sung by Frank Sinatra | Reviewer: Margaret | 6/12/09

This is a beautiful song. My father would always sing it to me, when I was little. My daughter has
been watching old movies, and she told me she had watched Laura with Gene Tierney. I immediately had a flash back, and told my daughter about the song. I almost remembered the
words. It was wonderful to hear this song after all these years, brought back wonderful memories
of my father, who had a beautiful voice.

Laura | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/11/09

I too was named after this song by my father - it was his favorite. I didn't even realize there were lyrics until after I was 40 - I am blessed to be named after such a hauntingly beautiful song. I always wanted a more "popular" name - but this is what I should have. Thanks Dad!!

This Son | Reviewer: Laura | 1/31/08

I was also named after this song in a sense. My grandfather and his friends in the war promised that they would all name thier first daughters Laura after this song. His friends went through with it, but my grandfather named his first daughter Phyllis, something he regretted somewhat. So, for my grandfather, my parents named me Laura. Sometimes, when I see him, he will sing this song.

Frank 02 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/23/07

Could someone help me out and let me know what the album is called that has the song on it... email me on or myspace freakyfrank69 thankyou