A song worth keeping llive in one's mind. | Reviewer: Stephen Ames | 6/16/13

I first heared this song at my older brother's high school graduation. He sang in a quartet version with each member singing a solo part. This song has been a favorite of mine ever since. I was able to get the copy Frank Sinatra version. I listen to it over and over.

In Iowa, 1944 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/29/13

It was a hot June day in Elkader, Iowa and I was just 7 years old. (I may be off a year or so) My dad brought home this recording of Sinatra singing The House I Live in. He played it on our record player and I was transfixed. I understood it all, immediately. Both my beloved uncles were fihgting in Europe; I worried about them constantly.
To this day when I see the lyrics or thear them, I tear up. I think of my Dad and his Men'sclothing store and all our neighbors and the little town in which I grew up. I look at the huge town where I now live - I look about me at this country - I see what is happening to this country - I wonder if the miracle will live or be destroyed by the forces of Evil.

This is the America I want my family to know and love as I do. | Reviewer: Sue | 9/21/12

In this time of turmoil and frustration, I feel this song should be played over and over again. It says it all. Our families came here to have a better life and that is what I want for my children and grandchildren. May we never forget the servicemen who fought and died to keep us FREE. GOD BLESS THEM AND MAY GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!

sung in church | Reviewer: fran froelich | 7/25/12

Every year, our church has "Freedom in Christ Sunday" on 1st Sunday in July. In 2006, someone made a video of our church, its ministries, & its people. The person making it wanted a suitable song for background music & I suggested "The House I Live In". So many of us really see that wonderful church as our home, including myself. The Video, originally titled "Sunday At Crossroads" was changed to "In Our House". This song made the most beautiful background possible.

wow oh wow | Reviewer: marvin wax | 6/14/12

I first heard THE HOUSE I LIVE IN in my car as I was driving home. I was so wrapped up in the way Frank Sinatra introduced it to the audience, I had to stop in a small park by my house and listen to it. Needless to say, I was listening it to it with tears in my eyes. I went home thinking how pround I am to be a Jewish American. My ancestors came to Cheyenne Wyoming in 1908 as immigrants from Poland. They had no money and no house to live in but a barn, sleeping with thier horse and wagon. The first thing that they bought when they had the money was a small house to live in with three children sleeping on the floor for years and years. As hard as it was for them to make a living and pay the bills,the bragged about being an American every day of thier life. From then on they paid for many people to settle in America all of the lives. That is why I am proud to be and American Marvin Wax esq.

Something I'll never forget | Reviewer: Joel B. Freid | 5/8/12

I recall watching the documentary and listening to Frank Sinatra sing this song some 60 plus years ago in the auditorium of our Jr.HS while living in N.Y. In fact they would show it at least once a year and I was touched by it then as I still am today.Over the years I remembered some of the lyrics and would often repeat them in my head. Very meaningful--has lived on for me all these years.Now I am passing this on to my children and grandchildren.

Brings back lots of memories. | Reviewer: Samuel N. Kucharsky | 10/14/11

I just returned to America from a trip to London, where I visited with relatives. Don't know exactly why, but, I felt the need to see these words in print. It's been so many years since I saw Frank Sinatra perform this magnificent testament to our great nation, in a film, whose name escapes. Plan to get the lyrics to my family and friends. God bless America!!

POSITIVE, FLASHBACK | Reviewer: eileen | 9/14/11

It came from a documentary that we used to watch in the school auditorium twice a year.I saw it for years & learned to love it and what it represented. have never forgotten it. Just sent it to my friend in Vagas. they are 4 singers who sound just like Sinatra, & do the sounds of Sinatra. Made a sugestion to sing it on stage. hope he takes me up on it. fitting time.. thank your site for enabeling me to see the words. I thought the first sentence was , "what does America mean to me." Have not read the words in exactly 50 years LOL

Best 4th of July Song Ever | Reviewer: Brian Stanton | 7/4/07

I play this song every 4th of July. God Bless Sinatra...he hit the nail right on the head with this song.