The real truth of Fozzy... | Reviewer: Lindsie | 9/27/2008

The front man of Fozzy is not called Moongoose McQueen. He is really Christopher Irvin or as to the wrestling world, Chris Jericho. Also in the group are Rich Ward, Sean Delson, Mike Martin, and Eric Sanders. Fozzy started out as Fozzy Osbourne, a cover band assembled by Ward from whatever musicians he could find on a given week. In 1999 when Rich Ward with his band memebers meet Chris Jericho. Jericho sat in on a few sessions, but not join them permently. In 2000, Chris Jericho suffored an injury that put him on the sidelines of wrestling for four months. Chris joined Fozzy and took the persona Moongoose McQueen, and the band went on tour.

The band shortened its name to Fozzy, and adopted the satirical back-story that they had signed a 20-year contract to stay in Japan and be huge rock stars, only to discover on their return to America that many famous artists had ripped off their songs.

Soon afterward, Fozzy produced their first album, self-titled and featuring mostly covers of bands such as Dio, Krokus, Twisted Sister, Iron Maiden, Mötley Crüe and Judas Priest. Also, at one time the band once considered changing their name to Big City Knights.

Fozzy's second album Happenstance was produced in 2002, again featuring mostly covers of bands such as Black Sabbath, Scorpions, W.A.S.P. and Accept.

In 2004, the band dropped its back-story and Jericho's McQueen persona. A year later, they produced their third album, All That Remains, which featured entirely original tracks, including singles "Enemy" and "Daze of the Weak". All That Remains featured guest appearances by musicians such as Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society, Ozzy Osbourne, Pride and Glory), Bonecrusher, Mark Tremonti (Creed, Alter Bridge), and Butch Walker (Marvelous 3). The album went on to sell over 100,000 copies and was praised by dozens of rock magazines, leading to widespread global recognition and their world tour. In 2005, "Enemy" was the theme song for WWE No Way Out and then in 2006 for a promo video for TNA Bound for Glory.

Soon after the release of All That Remains, plans for a fourth album were announced.

If you don't believe me go to their offical website, The truth is on there.

Fake Information | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/2008

All of this information was made up by some druggy computer dork with too much time and not enough to do with it, but post stupid ridiculous bad false untrue information. The Fozzy website does not exist and never did exist go to it and you will see it is a dead link. Fozzy is an 80's metal coverband and nothing more. They did not originally create or perform any one of these songs. They stole them and gave no credit or royalties to the original artists. Fozzy has an awseome sound, but are a complete fraud! Do not listen to any of these stories about Japan and Fozzy starting in the 80's as they are all rumors that are completely fake. Fozzy really came out way after Chris Jericho begun wrestling, in fact they did not start until 2000 or later when Jericho was in the WWE in the USA and has been for a while. Fozzy stole other artists' music and claimed it as their own like arrogant jerks. They have been sued numerous times for stealing songs and not paying royalties to the original artists and for not asking permission to cover their works. Ignore the previous blogs and biography as they are fake and as for the blogs the other bloggers are too stupid to gather that the bio of Fozzy is fake. If you read the bio it makes no sense and contradicts itself repeatedly and just sounds like a bunch of lies and nonsense. Fozzy is a complete fraud and they disrespect other great creative bands. Fozzy is fun to listen to, but remember they did not create the songs, they covered them illegaly without legal (or any for that matter)consent. How creative is it to only do covers of awesome 80's metal songs and call them your own? Not creative at all.

LOL | Reviewer: Scott | 11/11/2006

Lol its a joke, they didnt really get turned off the american spot light and no one stole their music. Jericho I mean Moongoose was an aspiring wrestler and went that way and now that he is done Moongoose has returned from "Japan" to reinvent Heavy metal as they "did" in Japan.

FOZZY BABY | Reviewer: barnesybaby | 6/9/2006

it sucks what those c*nts did 2 u guys, and i must say since finding out about what happened i have lost all respect for the musicians in bands such as motley crue, iron maiden and black sabbath.
hope u come bak 2 britain soon guys cos ur the true gods of metal
keep the fozzfest going!!
i speak 4 every1 when i say we'll b with u all the way

WE R HUGE ROCKSTARS!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Joohi | 7/27/2005

Fozzy rox my sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Y2J, plz don't be offended cuz I luv u and John Cena equally. I'll be happy if u win at SS or if Cena wins but anyways....... I LUV FOZZY'S MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!! My favs r Enemy and Nameless Faceless! Y'd u take Fozzy outta the Battle of the Bands? :-( I wanted to see u guys perform sooooooo badly! Well... I guess I could always listen to ur CDs cuz I got em all! I LUV U FOZZY!!!!!!!!!!!