inner-me vs ego-me | Reviewer: datimmm | 5/23/14

as a matter of fact, the only one you cant be without is you. My interprtation is the deeper you, the spirit within you, the feeling you begging the ego-you you became, the thinking you, to remember who you were as a child, an eternal soul.

Addiction | Reviewer: TJ | 5/30/12

I interpret this song as somebody's struggle against addiction told from the drug's point of view. "I cannot be without you" other words "exist" without you. "I'm on your back" like a monkey on your back. "If you walk out on me...I'm walking after you" an addiction will follow you around after you've tried to kick it. "Another heart is cracked in 2, I'm on your back" addictions can break everything good in your life and finally your heart. "If you'd accept surrender, I'll give up some more" only the addiction is important...everything else is secondary, it makes you surrender.

07-01-2012 | Reviewer: Fizziflip | 1/8/12

My dad and his now wife had this as their first dance yesterday. It was brilliant to see Foo Fighters can also be used in romance. Foo Fighters are one of my favourite bands and the day just made the song even more special for me. Congratulations dad and Nic! :) xx

A message from Heaven | Reviewer: Swogdog45 | 7/24/11

My own interpretation of this song is of a person who is now in Heaven, and is sending a message to his/her loved ones on Earth that, although he/she is in Heaven, he/she is actually always with the loved ones, as they stay on Earth, and one day they will be reunited in Heaven.

magical | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/3/08

this is a song completely dedicated to cracked lonely me...simple words but...they hurt a lot... cos' everyone who feels this way knows that they tell the truth...and there's no turning all...for me.

............ | Reviewer: mago | 9/18/07

completely fell in love with this song from the moment i heard it.......... plus, the video is first i didn't believe that this was foo fighter's song..............hahhahahaha ..
i love foo fighters anyway!!!!