Just My Opinion | Reviewer: UsedChemicalGirl | 3/21/13

Everytime I hear this song it makes me think of first seeing it in the movie "I Think I Love My Wife." So to me the song is about being unfaithful to the one you love and hating yourself for it. I think of the diamonds as other people in love. Throughout the movie Chris Rock is saddened to see other functioning couples. And I think "I'm not getting tired." represents the man trying to reassure himself that he still loves his wife.

my alternate perception of this beautiful song | Reviewer: Lola | 9/17/11

this song reminds me of being in love w/ an atheist. because i noticed him to be "sick & uninspired by the diamonds in [his] fire/ burning like a flame inside..." i realize this lyric can be justly interpreted in other ways & may have been ment one of those ways. but to me, the diamonds sybolize a material/man-made fuel for ones fire inside. the fire being the 'holy spirit' inside us...

but more than likely, the diamonds symbolize the the love this man has eternaly for this women who's not interested..

but still, it reminds me of my ex.

make-up or break-up | Reviewer: Amy | 12/25/10

To me,this song tells the story of a man devoted to his love, it's sweet but the background music cn tell another stor. The couple that are in love could have tragically split up, and the man is trying to tellthe woman he loves he still loves her and always will even though they may fight....,it is a really good song i love it.