Fantastic and mindblowing! | Reviewer: Foofan | 10/3/2008

This song is possibly the best song on disc 2 of IYH, if not one of the best songs the foo's have ever written.
Fantastic melody's, fantastic vocals and beautifull lyrics!
This is definetly one of the best acoustic songs i have heard.

one of he most underrated songs!! | Reviewer: ce3b | 5/20/2007

This song is highly undderrated
It's probably one of the best songs ever produced by foo fighters
the theme and melody are soothing
the lyrics are fab
i wonder y this song didnt get much recognition :(

Sad | Reviewer: Down_In_Flames | 7/8/2006

Definitely a sad song, but one I can't stop listening to. Talks about suicide and the death of someone loved. Very calm.