hmm... | Reviewer: looper-dee-looper | 7/8/10

is this the actual song.. or is it just a skits from the foo fighters..? like i know the second like is actually "those *kicks* were fast as lightning" and it says it differently... hmm.. i dont thimk this is the right one and i thought it was "there were funky china men.. in funky china town" i dont know about this???

Is it really Foo Fighters | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/14/10

Does anyone know if this was really released by Foo Fighters? It has not been released on any of their albulms and I cannot see it being released as a single at least according to their official web site, Sony Music or numerous searches on the web.

CD to this song? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/17/09

I have looked through all of the Foo Fighter's CDs and I can not, for the life of me, find the album that has this song. Can someone please let me know. Cause that would be awsome! Just send me a message on myspace @


KUNG FU FIGHTING!!! | Reviewer: Tess | 7/21/08

i luv this song!
better yet 4 PE we all dance to some songs (they have spesh coreography) then we choose a dance to do 4 a grade with a group, but this yr im gonna do a solo 1 with KUNG FU FIGHTING!!!

alistair adams view | Reviewer: ali adams | 5/6/08

this song brings love and joy into my dull depresing life. when i play this song i dont want to shoot myself anylonger, i have lost the cd though and have to kill myself, someone help me please. i am going to jump off a building. btw i havnt had sex in 27 years