foo -fan | Reviewer: wesley | 3/15/2008

i like this song, when dave said he floats away then come back down . I think he was talking about kurt cobain . When i first heard this song i felt calm and less depressed i was 14 at the time now i'm 15 going on 16. Yesterday i was depressed because despite the fact i hated being alone , so i was listening to the foo fighters i played floaty 2x till i get my mind right.When i hear this song in my head i started to cry in the inside not in the outside.

i understand. i think? | Reviewer: oh hey | 12/10/2007

i think i understand the sugnifigance in the song..
we; we all have our problems and we get lost in them, but as time goes on, we all get back on level ground.
and when he says thats not big as whats flown around here is like; notice around you everyone elses problems, world wide problems, compare and contrast and it just opens your eyes to see.. everything will be ok. we always find a level ground.
this song touched me.