Everlong | Reviewer: Nohbdy | 7/31/07

This song reminds me of only one person and one person only. even if i try to think about anyone else i can only think about her. This is a great song.

Everlong | Reviewer: Sebastian | 7/3/07

In the last paragraph, there is no "When i sing along with you" after the "And I wonder." Just putting that out there.

OHHH MY GOD | Reviewer: desare | 5/29/07

i love this song. its one of their best if you ask me. ;P

amazing | Reviewer: Alicia | 4/15/07

there are no words to describe home much i love this song. I never get tired of hearing it. Foo Fighters are amazing

Walloons | Reviewer: butt secks | 8/31/05

::giggle:: I lurve the Foo Fighters. They are amazing, and this is one of thier best songs!