Bleh | Reviewer: BB | 5/22/13

It's about Louise Post (Veruca Salt) who he was with at the time.

If he really felt so strongly, why did he cheat on her with numerous others. The "nicest guy in rock" is a fraudulent narcissist, always has been.

Question | Reviewer: Baudolino | 12/27/12

What about the lyrics between () ? Did you put those in yourself? I haven't heard those in the recordings I listened to..... A-typical of the rest of the song also....(or am I mistaken totally?). but thanx for putting them up, great song. Try to play it on a 12 string (sounds a bit to fresh for such a dark sound I'm afraid).

Ear Pleasure! | Reviewer: Sir Psycho Runner | 4/30/12

This song is effen epic! Love Dave Grohl, and Foo Fighters allowed him to drastically elevate to a level where he was with Nirvana, but now, he's beyond that. Foo Fighters are mosdef a band that can really help throughout anything. Hope to see them live! :D

Wow! | Reviewer: Anonny-mouse:3 | 2/27/12

This song is amazing. I only heard it recently but I am utterly in love with it. The lyrics make me think of my relationship with my boyfriend. I'd say we're at the best point of our relationship so far and the line "If everything could ever feel this real forever" really applies to my emotions because I wish so much that we could last forever... I hope we can. But this song is truly inspiring and makes me quite emotional. Rock on Foo Fighters! \M/

It's Cool | Reviewer: Dan Hazelden | 2/20/12

It's nice reading comments about people having this song remind them of their previous loves and happy times. I truly think Dave Grohl would be so proud if he read these comments back to be fair.

Whispering bits. | Reviewer: Sean | 12/16/11

I love this song, endlessly, but those whispering bits, that's not what it's saying. The whispering is just the recording of Dave reading a love letter, a technical manual, and a story about a studio technician's father.

Fooies so good! | Reviewer: cottoncase | 11/13/11

Does every fricken Foo Fighter song have to be about Kurt? I'm sure Dave has other things going on his life besides constantly writing about the Nirvana days. I don't think this song is about any mental problems. It feels like an emotional plea to the one person you feel connected to. It's about emotions that are exchanged between one another during a relationship "Breath out so I can breath you in..Hold you in." The acoustic version of this kicks ass.

5/14/11 | Reviewer: Donna.V | 5/14/11

I love this song so bad :)! i remember the first time i heard it i was only 12 i THINK but i started listening to it again and fell even more deeply in love with it and i dedicate this song to the love of my life even tho me an her have so much of r up's and down's i will always love her more than she could ever know x3 x3 x3!!!

amazing | Reviewer: ez g | 4/4/11

loved this song but what first opened my yes was when a local band played it aa while ago and it opened my eyes to who i thought i "loved" and who i actually fell for
dont let your feelings of lust get in the way of what is eal, some fooies is all you need to correct your thoughts >:)

our song. | Reviewer: alex | 9/24/10

the first girl I ever fell in love with, she sent me this song at the peak of our relationship. the relationship fell apart due to some complications, but I never stopped loving her. I learned this song on guitar and surprised her with it on what would have been our anniversary. today, I asked her to marry me after playing this song again. she said yes. all because I promised not to stop when she said when. thank you foo fighters.

Badass song<2+1 but u need help :/ | Reviewer: Jasmin :D | 9/16/10

Freaken awesome song<3 love the foo fighters all the way man I just think the strumming is hard anyone have a clue?? I'm trying to learn it on the aucustic....I got the tabs done by I need the strumming!! D:
ohhhh and what does the evil whispers say in the song??

this part. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/10

"Breathe out
So I can breathe you in
Hold you in"
this is waht speaks to me the most beacuase its just so perfect. think about it the guy loves this person enough that every part of them he wants. he wants every thing and to keep it as long as he can. and shown in other lines he knows it wont last forever so he keeps it as long as he can.

Everlong | Reviewer: Paul | 2/22/10

Loved foo fighters for years but only really felt this song recently after coming outa relationship and listening to the accoustic version.. made me realise how much of my last 3.5 years of "love" was based on drugs as much as that... love got us together, drugs kept us going and then my reality set in.. she will always be like that.. i dont need anything to love. Everyone takes music in there own way, thats how i took it, music expands your mind and thoughts and nothing feels more right than anything by FOO FIGHTERS you the man dave.

Everlong | Reviewer: Mark | 1/29/10

This song is amazing, I first heard it when me and my ex were going down. Somethings are not meant to be, sometimes love has to end short unpronounced and cruelly. 'When I sing along with you... If everthing could ever feel this real forever, If everything could ever be this good again...' Towards the end of our relationship the onlytime that I felt alive was when I was close to her, I knew it we were dying. " Promise not to stop when I say when...' Dont let me go If I give you a reason too, fight through it with me. I was addicted to opiates, they burned me down. Basically the opiates made me grow away from her when it wasnt what I wanted at all. I told her to stop, and she stopped. She promised shed never stop singing our love though. Ever feel like a song was written about you? Man, Amazing song, Amazing band Foo Fighters

mental state of mind E V E R L O N G | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/10

May be completely off the track but looking into the lyrics I Wonder if this song is about a person who suffers a mental health problem like bi polar or similiar, may be there was a person known to the band or may be its a reference to the state of mind kurt kobain was in before his death ,,, if any thing could feel this real for ever,, If any thing could be this good again , makes ya wonder oops I wonder. Great song n great band go the foo's for-everlong.