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Performed by Flyleaf

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Love this! | Reviewer: Sarah | 11/17/11

RIP Chris <3
I wish we could kiss each other one more time
And sing this lie that's halfway mine

I'll take this piece of You
And hold for all eternity

Im left alone with only reflections of the memory
To face the ugly girl that's smothering me
Sitting closer than my pain
You knew each tear before it came

I love you :(

Christian | Reviewer: Seth | 9/18/11

@Maria this is a christian band y would you really post something like that? Freaking a, wow, wonderful all these could be used to replace that beginning statement and not using gods name in vane. This is a wonderful song with deep meaning but that comment ruined it.

This is my heart | Reviewer: Erika | 11/13/10

This song touches my soul.

Sorrow lasts through this night
I'll take this piece of you
And hold for all eternity
For just one second, I felt whole
As you flew right through me
And up into the stars
Joy will come.

I hope. and may my beautiful baby angel rest in peace. for just 7 months i fealt whole, ripped from my soul my heart aches and i feel pain more then anything ive ever felt in my life. i still feel numb and its been nearly 5 months since i pained 6 hours of labor and held my still baby angel for hours.. weeping and mourning. this pain will never pass.. <3 RIP Baby Jayden Axel, and thankyou flyleaf, for giving me a light to sing or speak again.

Well.... | Reviewer: Ma'rie | 3/10/10

I hear perople relate this song to people that have passed away and people that they love and I don't know how they do it because all of Flyleaf's songs are about God, except for "I'm So Sick", which was made about rape from a fifteen year old girl.
When i hear this song, I kinda like to think of God and how I've come into the whole idea of religion. I used to be so mentally messed up and did not believe in God until my sister dragged me to church, saying how it would cleanse me and make me not listen to death metal. I still listen to the same crazy music, but i listen to this sort of music to bring back the feeling of God when I'm having doubts and tough times.
It's a beautiful song. Flyleaf is definitely better than Underoath. And how is Lacy singing with a tumor in her throat?

Memories | Reviewer: Nana | 1/20/10

This song reminds me of the memories of my ex-boyfriend, for he left me for another girl. How I listen to this song for hours, weeping, and remembering the painful words that pierced my aching heart. My pitiful heart that I gave away. I was such a fool.

One of my fav | Reviewer: Natalie | 4/15/09

This song is pretty amazing. I see comments about couples and relatives. It really amazes me how flyleaf music can use in a lot of ways. It sometimes remind me of bad stuff but it also makes me think in another way of stuff.

no way... | Reviewer: Andrea | 11/13/07

part of this song was my friend's away message, and it seemed good, so i searched it and found this. the entire song, down to, "he knew each tear before it came," and, "we sing this lie that's halfway mine," is exactly what happened to me. *tear* *not sarcasm*

V_V | Reviewer: Emily | 8/31/07

this song reminds me of the night my grandpa died., on christmas eve. every single lyric in this song. but it makes me feel good in a way. i love this song.

OMG OMG OMG OMG | Reviewer: Maria | 4/26/07

Oh my fucking god this is my new favorite song ... god I wish I had her voice... flyleaf is truely amazing

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