Flyleaf lover | Reviewer: Denisia Rowe | 5/8/10

Flyleaf inspires me alot. Ever since I've heard their hit single "All around me", I've loved them ever since. Flyleaf and Paramore are the only rock bands I listen to so far, and it's amazing to hear that they've been through alot to get to where they are now-especially Lacey. God, I love them. I hope they'll never break up, because if they do,all Flyleaf lovers hearts will all come crumlbing down.Please stay together and keep writng more songs!

love it but confused | Reviewer: Dina Rivera | 5/1/10

okay so the youth in my church including myself really like your songs! But i dont understand the meaning of some of the songs you guys sing. I mean you guys have such a talent! But I really love God and i would like to know if you guys do as well because some of the lyrics dont make any sense to me... maybe random ppl alternate them. idk all i know is that you guys are really good but have confusing lyrics.

wana know more | Reviewer: Tina | 4/22/10

first of all i really like rock songs iff they r spiritual n when i see ur band it more of spiritual.u know some ppl say if it is spiritual song it ve 2 b slow but 4 me as far as it preaches abt God it doesnt need to b slow it can b anything.I wana advice u guys to make ur songs more spiritual n continue wz z rock.thxs

Madness | Reviewer: Brijendra | 2/25/10

I love Flyleaf Band. I watch her song And it is in my heart and mind every time I can't wait myself to watch videos of this band. And really I want to tell one thing about the Video "I'M SO SICK", when i watch DIE HARD 4.0 movie there is just a short clip of it,Scream(Break Break), ever since i want to find this video but i can't. And recently I watched the Video AGAIN But i don't know it is the band who made I'm so sick video.I watching every video of this band When i got I'm so sick video I'm Surprised and I'm very happy to watch this video.. But really her scream Make me Crazy.

To person who is curious! | Reviewer: Mariah | 12/30/09

They are Christians, but they try to tour with none Chirstians so that they can minister to them-- Came straight from her mouth at the concert I saw 2 days ago (If you get a chance to go you shoulD!)

Curious | Reviewer: Jennifer | 12/2/09

I think your music is amazing. It is so nice to hear songs that while they are about pain in the past, they have a positive encouragement towards getting through life's many changes. I would however like to know if you guys are believers in God. I mean, your songs sound like it, but I would really like to know for sure. I am a huge fan of God and I think it's beautiful that there can be "Heavy Rock" music with a Godly message. Wish I had it while I was growing up, maybe I would've made better choices...!!!!

this band is wicked! | Reviewer: DarkHelmett | 7/14/09

dude your guys music is fucking sweet! i would do anything to chill with lacey for like a day she is so hot! and your music just keeps getting better and better! keep it up guys ur fucking awsome l8tr.

lifted spirit! | Reviewer: Crystal | 6/4/09

I can't find the word's to describe how your music has lifted me and my children. My little girl wants to do one of your songs in the school talent show next year.I tell her you can accomplish anything. I am so inspired by your music. I am a huge believer in God and I am not sure that is what you are refearing to in your music but that is what I get out of it. Thanks!

sweet | Reviewer: sandra | 3/20/09

yeah i love there music. I can not see or even think about how much you have been through because honestly wwe dont know and we will never know. But all i know is that i sit and try to understand the lyrics of every song that you have written as a band. And i have my own usually goes back to god. And i am not a huge god person but i do believe in him and what he has done to this beautiful world. But i just would like to say your music is amazing..and laceys voice is AWESOME! and unique. I wish i could scream like she does.. (but it will never happen) But yeah the music without the voice is great and its differnt then other types of music i thinkk.. but all in al amazing.

Song usage | Reviewer: Michael SIkorski | 3/20/09

Hey i am a really big fan of your band and i would like to use one of your songs in my project to encourage children to come to Holland Christians school in Michigan. I think that your songs are the best but the drums are the best of them all... the only reason i say that is because i love to play the drums and i have an X7 series and it is really nice. Thank you for your time and i hope you can email me back. Thanks so much!

Loan Payday | Reviewer: Tzigane | 2/13/09

Greeting. TV is chewing gum for the eyes.
I am from Slovenia and now teach English, give please true I wrote the following sentence: "Obviously the best way to pass the drug test successfully is to give up all the drugs."

Best regards :D, Tzigane.

Inspiration | Reviewer: Ashley | 1/26/09

I can totally relate to Lacey and her lyrics. Flyleaf is always there when I'm having a bad day to pick me up. I can listen to the album for hours and in the end it's really the only thing that pulls me out of my slump and nudges me on. Such pain and understanding in their songs. Finally a band that truely knows the pain of deprived childhoods and the hardships of us people that weren't born with silver spoons in our mouths. Society looks at those who experiment with drugs and other "looked down upon" things and say these are bad people. But how often do people stop to think that maybe those people had it bad, worse than you can imagine, and just need guidance? Flyleaf provides that Guidance for me...
Thank you Lacey and the band... your music is phenomenal

yesh | Reviewer: taylor | 11/25/08

you guys are super freakin inspirational. the fact that you're providing a hope for all those lost hurting kids out there is totally amazing. you're music touched me and alot of my friends and i hope you guys stay strong and stick to God. (dont be like skillet. lol) the best of wishes and prosperity in the music industry. :)

how i started to like flyleaf... | Reviewer: saleena | 11/20/08

my sister used to love them, every day she would come to me and say hey hey hey listen to this please and i got annoyed by it. then i suddenly started to listen to them. i never told her i started to like the band. then we met a guy who loved them and had the cd. finally i said i liked it and she said because the guy said he liked it. then i barrowed his cd. now i want to buy the cd and listen to them.
the same thing happened to system of a down. except no cute guy to influence me in any way...
i love the band>>!!

wow | Reviewer: nobody | 9/1/08

omg my friend told me bout ur song 'all around me' but i'd heard it b4 but after listenin' 2 it knowin' what my friend had been thru n readin' the lyrics it was wow. esp. @ the end "savoring this heart that's healed." I wanna read Lacey's full testimony now