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OMG THEY ROCK!! | Reviewer: AmmySay | 1/31/07

omg I LOVE THIS BAND! they are soooooo cool!!

I just really want to know if these guys are a Christian band or not... It's been bugging me ever since I got their CD for New Year's from my boyfriend. I mean, some of their lyrics sound like they would be, but then others don't. does anyone know? I even went to their website and still didn't find out. oh well. They still have really awesome songs and their lyrics are SO powerful! when's their next CD coming out? :)

Awesome! | Reviewer: Christopher | 1/9/07

Flyleaf is THE best band I have ever listended too. I don't have much problems in life, but know someone who does, and if he heard your songs, I'm sure his life would chamge. Their songs are unique, and have MEANING behind them. They don't talk about the evil in life, but how to get out of the evil in life. FLYLEAF: If you ever read this... y'all have really helped have a better look on life and even helped myself to become a better Christian, thanks...EMAIL ME =)

Cassie | Reviewer: Allison | 12/12/06

Cassie is by far my favorite Flyleaf song.
While listening to the words, I learned that it is written about the girl, Cassie, who had a gun put to her head in the Columbine shooting. She was asked if she believed in God, and she said yes.

This is such a beautifully written song.

It makes me angry when some people write reviews saying that it is about a suicidal girl named Cassie "debating her life."


that came out of her? | Reviewer: amanda | 10/14/06

oh my god i love flyleaf so much. Lacey is sooo gorgeouss. umm excuse me but who the hell is that robust and amazing and beautiful and mezmerizing voice coming out of? it cant be that breathtakingly beautiful little girl, canit? oh my god lacey i love you you are totally other artists that i lsteneed to before you "fueled my emptiness" and left me wanting more. your lyrics supplement me and help me to keep my eyes pointed forward even when life sucks. i love you guys and you have an amazing color and tone and range to your voice. i am an aspiring artist and i compose my own songs and you have been such a role model for me i love you.....................(email me!!)

Unbelievable | Reviewer: Vanessa | 8/26/06

Flyleaf is such an amazing band! I absolutly love them! I listen to the CD at least once everyday! Everytime I listen to the CD I always turn the volume up way loud to enjoy the wonderful guitars, drums, and of course vocals! Lacey's such a great singer, she sings high notes, low notes, and yells her lungs out wonderfully! I also love the meaning behind "Flyleaf", its really awesome. i also read that they were going to be called something else, but it was taken, so you decided on Flyleaf, and Iam glad. It jus has a good ring to it. I'd also love to see them live someday! <3 Toujours Vanessa*<3

Flyleaf rox all y'alls sox!!!! | Reviewer: Kristen | 7/17/06

Flyleaf fricken rules. Lacey is my hero. she's a better singer than any guy band. No band can top her's!!!
with love

WOW! | Reviewer: Emily | 7/16/06

I love Flyleaf. Their AMAZING. Their lyrics rock my socks OFF!=]

THE BEST BAND EVER! | Reviewer: Nina Rasis Naomi Tarpley | 3/30/06

Hi its me again
umm this band is not only great..
they are untitled..
there is no words..
that could discribe
how wonderful
i also want their Cd!
if you have never heard there music..
then your missing out on
an ear orgasium!
If you also like flyleaf send me an e-mail
And Lacey Mosley..
and the BAND
if your reading this
you know what to do..
Nina Raisa Naomi Tarpley

They are amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/19/06

I loved this band...I cant wait to go get their CD!

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