A Miracle | Reviewer: Anomynous | 7/19/11

The timing was perfect, today I was planning to run away from due to the fact I couldnt bear to continue this life until I heard this song and looked up the lyrics which words brought hope to me
Thank you Flyleaf, I am truly writing this with tears in my eyes. Now I can finally rest easy knowing God forgives me and loves me.

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/6/11

If anyone doesn't know Lacey's story. Look it up. It will bring even more to the song. The bass caught me and the meaning kept me. This song made me fall in love with Flyleaf. and now my life is changing. and I want so much to change, learning Your love everyday :) Flyleaf is a Christian band. :)

God is Great | Reviewer: Jessica | 3/12/10

I just want you all to know this is a Christian band. This song is about God not letting her do this to herself. Him speaking to her and telling her that don't be selfish and take you're own life but wait for me and there is something so much more besides this life. This is an amazing song.

another depressing song.... | Reviewer: no one in particular | 1/30/10

wut if i didnt wake up...my love grabbd my wrist i didnt let go...igs she saved me...anyway the song has an amazing depth an bass intro this song wuz and is a theme of life 4 me....those uv u who r depressed: do not let go ur life is not a 'lonley empty lie' !

...Wow... | Reviewer: Stormfeather | 1/13/10

This song is AMAZING!The first time i heard this song i thought it said something totally different,and then i was like...wait this cant b right!So i looked it up and i was like wow...that really makes sense.It made me look back to where i was a 2 pound 7 ounce baby.I hardly made it.I was lucky.But,this song made me think maybe god did point out that I should live.Anyway,thanks for the great song guys!

Amazing.Song. | Reviewer: Anna | 12/14/09

This song left me at a loss for words when I first heard it. This was really how I felt some time ago. But I kept holding on. Anyone who listens to this song knows they can keep going to. Even though all the struggles in life.
Lacey, you're a beautiful and amazing inspiration to all who listen and understand your music. <3

The right one. | Reviewer: A shattered heart | 8/27/09

The music that is my mind for a month and a half and nobody knows it. He really pointed out how selfish it would be to kill myself, but this was before gripping his own wrists ... Before betraying me with the sluttest one.
Even if he has been to the hospital and almost died, now it's me that can't live anymore.

Beautiful song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/20/09

I really love the purity of the lyrics and mixed with the intense sound of the instruments it's really captivating. I think Flyleaf is really great and they always seem to sound different from your average rock/punk band. Hope they come out with another cd soon.

Great Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/22/09

I love this song. I especially like the lyrics and can relate to them. There's one line that just kind-of struck me that I didn't notice before.

'Dying while I wait to do
The fear of nothing or something
Lonely empty lie'

It reminds me of when I was wanting to die at one point. A part of me was afraid of dying because I was afraid there wouldn't be anything there after I die. Another part of me was afraid that if there was something, I'd end up in hell and be screwed.

That's definitely a lonely empty lie. It doesn't have to be that way.

Love it | Reviewer: Ricky | 1/14/09

This song, more than any other Flyleaf has done, speaks to me. The message in there is that God loves me regardless of the dumb stuff I've done. In particular, for me, the lines

"He pointed out how selfish
It would be to kill myself
So I keep waking up"

Sounds passe, but this song kept me alive long enough to get to God. Thank you Lacey, Sameer, James, Jared and Pat. Thank you for showing me the way to the light. God bless you all.