far away from here | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/12/08

This is an incredible song not just because ,anyone who has fought through bitterness,pain,disappointment and misery can identify with it...but because it helps you live through these feelings. Kudos, lacey this song touches my heart in ways that I did not think possible.

...Loss of words.... | Reviewer: Futile Assayer | 11/4/08

I know people say this a lot but this song really means so much to me. The amazing part about Lacey is not that she writes and sings incredible stuff but that even after enduring all she did, she learnt not to lose faith, even inspiring others to move on.

WOW! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/21/08

I love this song because it really relates to how i sometimes feel ... This is my fav song and Flyleafs my fav band ... I love Laceys voice, she is my role model especially with how she grew up!!! XxXx

amazing!! | Reviewer: Ember <3 | 4/27/08

i really love this song. it has a lot of emotion in it and it helps me get through a lot in my life. sure, its not as good as flyleafs older songs from their last cd. but the EP this song is on is still very good and i enjoyed it completely.. i do have to say i love this song the best and justice and mercy..


the best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/26/08

flyleaf is one of my favorite bands.
much like falling is one of my favorite songs ever!
keep on rocking flyleaf.
expecially Lacey, you have an amazing voice!

Amazing. | Reviewer: Lissa | 6/15/07

I love this song, it's my absolute FAVORITE Flyleaf song. Lacey has an amazing voice, and her lyrics are perfect. It's amazing how much I feel like I can relate to this song.