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Performed by Flyleaf

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Meaning | Reviewer: Kristen | 9/17/08

I agree with Megan on the part in which songs are mainly written so that the listener can interpretate it their own way. I am an athiest, but I still can appreciate good music. I like flyleaf. I think there views are fairly obvious in their other songs. Where as this particular song, makes me think of rape. I'm probably wrong but its such a powerful song, whatever it means :D

different interpretation | Reviewer: Megan | 4/10/08

I would not label the band as christian rock, although they may be influenced by their religious beliefs. Flyleaf's song "Cassie" is obviously about their faith in Christianity b/c it ends with Lacey saying she will pull the trigger, which implies she believes in God.. religious inferences could be in this song (I'm so sick) but I think everyone interprets it in their own way. I found that this song meant she was sick of hook ups because they are empty bliss and selfish. She sings "You sink into my clothes
This invasion makes me feel
Worthless, hopeless, sick." I could be totally wrong, but musicians tend to write songs in a way so that their listeners can find their own meanings in the words and relate to the song on a personal level.

christian or not | Reviewer: Lia | 3/16/08

Sorry that this doesn't have much to do with the song although I love it.

I'm atheist, just to get that out. Flyleaf is associated with religion. They may not be full blown "HOW GREAT IS GOD"(kelley) but when you actually LISTEN to the lyrics, you can tell how much God means to them. I can't fully understand it since I don't believe, but I can respect that. Religion while important to them and the music, isn't important if you want to listen!

That probably sounded really rude, but I didn't mean for it to be! Just saying you don't have to believe to like the music...Sorry!

luv this song | Reviewer: prisci | 2/18/08

i actually feel how this song says and i think its an awesome CHRISTIAN song tellin how shes gonna make the world see how they are poisonin everything and shes gonna do this with whats written on her heart, which i know for certain comes from the bible so kellie i'm sorry but flyleaf is christian;)

so sick | Reviewer: tay | 1/26/08

...of ppl saying flyleaf isnt christian!!! If they wernt, they wouldnt have been at aquire the fire!! which is a christian teen rally, for those of you who dont know..i actually sung a couple of the acoustic versions of flyleaf songs for our church lock-in concert! and if you listen to the lyrics of any of the songs, theyre basically saying theyre sick of all the crap goin on around them in this outrageously corrupt world we have misfortune of living our lives and raising our families in!!

LOVE IT!!!! | Reviewer: It's Aimie yo! | 1/13/08

I love this song and my sis does not understadn. it creeps her out and i am not sure how to explain it to her that it is not distrurbing or what ever. So i need some ppl to help my sis to understand it si a GOOD song and not scary/creepy.


Truely amazing, hon. | Reviewer: Erikaaa(: | 1/2/08

Okay, first of all I like to tell kelley or whatever that this is CHRISTIAN rock. &You don't have to say that or do that for it to become Christian. &I AM Christian. You just have to REALLY listen to the song, to understand the meaning. You can't judge it off the bat saying "whattheheck are you saying this isn't Christian Rock!" Cause it doesn't have to be like what the commercials say to be a christian rock song. It's the meaning that shows you what kind of song it is. And all songs have meanings. And beasically she's saying that she's getting sick of all these bad things happening. All those selfishness and empty things. &how a lot of people can feel so hopeless, worthless, and etc. That's just my opinion(:

haha, kelley's funny | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/31/07

whoa, settle down kelley. if this song doesnt have an obviously Christian meaning to you, along with the rest of their music, perhaps you should stick to instrumental stuff... i hear its pretty hard to find offensive

yeah | Reviewer: Annie | 12/28/07

okay, flyleaf is a sub genre of christian rock. it's not like "the old rugged cross" of anything, but it does praise god. they do christian rock like evnaescence's "the only one"

Yeah | Reviewer: Annie | 12/25/07

this is christian rock, but just not as concentrated as some. its not like "the old rugged cross" by far, but it is a sub-genre of christian rock. see, lacey was going to commit suicide, but was saved by god at the last minute. she owes her life to it, so she writes it into her music.

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