<3 | Reviewer: Ashley | 9/3/11

I love Flyleaf, and I love how they can make songs that inspire yu in such a depth that people can understand without getting offended.(:

Keep it going Flyeaf.! Come to Iowa so I can come to yur concert lol.!!:D

Chasm | Reviewer: LaNee | 5/20/10

So far I really love their two albums being in Utah they give me something to sing at school thats clean and everyone gets the meaning. It's really hard to find music and songs that are good in my style music that more people will enjoy with me. Chas was my latest school performance and everyone loved it. Sung it with one guitar and a piano no microphone is was pretty good.

Lazarus | Reviewer: Rae | 1/28/10

I really love the Memento Mori album. Stylistically, it's safe to say Flyleaf has expanded. Their musical technicality has become more interesting, and one is drawn into the melodies and rhythms. Also, the lyrics have gained depth. For example, one sees this song is about Lazarus in Luke 16: 19-31. Their song "Beautiful Bride" is about the Church, the bride of Christ. The album as a whole ties together almost seamlessly, and we get a great feel from not just listening to one song but the entire compilation. Great job, Flyleaf.