why?!?! | Reviewer: Stephanie | 10/25/07

why does everyone have to sing about GOD. its absurd and wrong. i think people need to get back to the essence of rock or punk or w/e the hell they are. this song could be about a lover or something, not GOD.

great song | Reviewer: brandy | 10/17/07

i love this song it means alot to me i dedicated it to my boyfriend because this is how he makes me feel and i love him so much

why couldn't it be drugs? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/17/07

it's not how it stuck me but when i think about it why couldn't this apply to someone coming out of drug addiction?!?! makes perfect sense to me!! likes been said before the song can mean anything to anybody!! i know many recovering addicts and many of the sucsessful ones find god!! actually a very fitting interpertation of the song!!

love love love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/14/07

flyleaf is amazing
yes they are a christian band
all of their songs have a story behind them
just all around amazing

death... | Reviewer: K.Skye | 10/15/07

i thought it was about someone that died. About death and coming to terms with the fact that someones gone. Almost like the opposite of Evenescence "My immortal" where they spoke more of anger, resentment, and the haunt of someones spirit once they die. BTW, does anyone else compare and contrast Flyleaf from Evenescence the way I do? It's really unavoidable. Their like the younger version of Evenescence. when i first heard "All around me" It really touched me. It really doesnt matter how everyone else translates it. It's a great song. A beautiful video as well.

maybe..maybe not | Reviewer: meli | 10/12/07

now that i have read what Bt wrote..i see what the point was. Bt is right if you look at it that way..but now im starting ti think BT is a flyleaf member since they know so much. lol. But there are no names here. It doesnt say god anywhere, there is no "lover part" and well no drugs involved either. it's like a chance to take it and put it in your own way but in the end whatever you chose it will be ended in a good way becasue the song is in ending of peace. But this song is awesome! I see that this song is christioan but this song is the type of song i'd dedicate to my Boyfriend too..it rox!

below me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/11/07

if you feel they're rubbing their Christianity in people's faces you're obviously uncomfortable with your beliefs and faith. I'm agnostic and what these people have to say doesn't bother me the least bit. they're all entitled to their opinion. like you said, just enjoy the lyrics. that's what music is about after all, putting your own interpretation to it...

fuck you all | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/6/07

this song is awesome and im sick of this bullshit christian debate just listen to the god damned music and enjoy and all you christian butt fucks can get a life and quit rubbing your faith in peoples faces

yee | Reviewer: hmmm | 10/4/07

flyleaf is indeed a great band..
really really good..and she is
an amazing singer and she does
her own screams..i saw them in
concert once..this year..at
acquire the fire..a two
day christian concert..and at
the concert she announced that
she rarely sang at christian
events..which was weird..b/c
they are supposed to be christian band.

god and love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/4/07

i love fly leaf! did not know they were a christian band until i read these comments!! knowing that and what it's really about makes me love it more. but as the previous coments state everyone interperates a song for themselves. this song made me think of my boyfriend the 1st time i heard it and will always make me think of him!! not because i worship him but because we have both been through some very rough times and we have had a great deal to do with helping each other heal!! every word of this song fits our relationship! and we both fully acknowlege that God has had a huge hand it our meeting, being together, staying together and the healing we have helped each other to do and contine!! and for the "chistians' making the rude comments. they are not very christian comments!! having such a high opion of ones self as to fell you have the right to judge others is not exactly the most chistian of atitudes!! but don't worry god loves you and your pride and vanity!!