yea;; | Reviewer: Jessica | 1/16/08

about this arguement abotu wiether or not this is a song writen about God.
I am sure the song is about god, but people can have different views on it jesus. some can see it as a love song others about god who cares get over it.

this song is a great song either way k so take it how you want to take and leave it alone.

a testimony | Reviewer: ...blessed... | 1/12/08

this song is a really powerful testimony about lacey's connection with God after all that she had been through in her younger years.

she's an amazing vocalist with a hauntingly melodic voice, and flyleaf as a band is a true testament to the fact that God has his hand in everything.

eeeeeh | Reviewer: Jack | 1/1/08

This song could be about god but i see it more as a song to sone one you loved who has died and how you can still feel that person all over you like where it says " You said you would never leave me" or "My tongue dances behind my lips for you" now i am not hugely religious but i dont think when epople thing of god they want to kiss him lol but this song is truely amazing and i connected to it i love it

/\/\/\/\/\ | Reviewer: Gabi | 12/29/07

People have different point of veiws. This COULD be a Christian song, a love song, and anything else you could think of. It's what you think, not anyone else. If you think this is a Christian song then good for you. If you think this is a love song good for you. It's just about the music and what the song means to you.

Music Lover | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/27/07

Thank you Anonymous-10/17/07. Lacey Mosley said that she was involved with "some pretty bad stuff" and that she almost lost her life because of it, so maybe the song has something to do with her meeting God to fulfill her emptiness instead of the other things she was doing?!? Bottom line, it is what it is and there is nothing wrong with interpreting the song the way you want to interpret it, you know?
That's the beauty of music and any true lover of music understands that, that's what music is all about, regardless of how the person wrote and sang the song and what they meant for it to be about, people can interpret it in different ways to help them get through something they are going through at that particular moment in their life.
I think everybody shoud appreciate the song for what it is and understand that music is what you make of it, songs mean what you take from them. Realize that songs are not made to make people argue but to be there when you need them and for people to be able to use them as an outlet for their pain, happiness, sadness, anger, or whatever. Maybe to even help bring people together, if you could imagine that?!? What a thought...
Appreciate it for what it is, that's the only point I'm trying to make.

Holy War!!!! | Reviewer: Zuko | 12/17/07

Okay. Guilty as charged. I listen to flyleaf and it really never occurred to me that they were actually a Christian group. So yes. I'm really not that perceptive.

At any rate, I think that most of you have proved your point that it IS a Christian song. Good job. To those of you that can't conceive of a Christian song being enjoyable to listen to... well, you're idiots. Since when does one's religion have anything to do with whether or not someone writes awesome music or great lyrics.

ps. I'm not Christian. But I believe in everyone's right to have whatever Faith they feel is right in their hearts.

As a singer/songwriter/musician, one of the most important goals I have is to REACH PEOPLE. Taking a song and interpreting it to fit into the context of your own life and experiences is what really counts. So if this song makes you think of God, then it's a Christian song. If it makes you think of your significant other, then to you it's a love song from one person to another.

The most important thing is that this song is AMAZING. The emotion behind her voice and the powerful guitar work layered on top of solid bass and drum beats (not to mention beautiful lyrics that fit into a number of different contexts) just make this song an all around wonderful experience.


Flyleaf | Reviewer: Rachel | 12/14/07

Anyone who believes that this isn't about God and her Christian belief needs a reality check. She's come out in her interviews and said bluntly that she is Christian and so is her music.Also for your information, the part about her tongue dancing behind her lips is about SPEAKING IN TONGUES; not love for a person. People just don't like to believe that an awesome band like Flyleaf could possibly be Christian. Not every song you hear is about love between people. THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX! I know that sounds stupid but it's true. People have built concepts in their head and won't let other people put in point of views or won't even have the thought about maybe someone else is right & not themself. Some people are so ignorant & naive. I hope some day you will come to realize what the truth really is and be saved.

Does it matter? | Reviewer: Godschild | 12/14/07

As a Christian, I am inclined to believe this is a song inspired about the presence of God. Some say its the love between a man and a woman. Does it matter. God is love...period. Truly good song writing has a way of meeting the various needs of the listeners inspite of the true origins for the song.

a mistake | Reviewer: A Fan | 12/14/07

there was a mistake in the prechours. when it says I'm alive, I'm alive it should say I'm still alive, I'm still alive. for all the things. and for the "And so I cry
The light is white
And I see you" that should be down AFTER the third chours. oh yeah, for the last two "i'm still alive "things it should be two of thoses and then it should be "were still alive!"

Oh my god. | Reviewer: Scout | 12/12/07

And fyi, some of you really need to learn how to spell and type. Take an english class or a keyboarding class, will you? It's annoying, and you look like an idiot making fun of people and mis-spelling every goddamn word.